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  1. For some reason, I thought you were south. LEK should be getting it good in Caz.
  2. The most organized lake effect snow will be closely tied to upstream connections. A Georgian Bay connection is likely to tie into Lake Ontario lake effect this evening and continue through Monday morning. There is low confidence in the exact placement of this band, but most 12Z model guidance has shifted the most persistent band southeast of Lake Ontario from Monroe to Oswego counties with potential secondary band to the west of this. An additional 2-4 inches is likely in most persistent bands tonight.
  3. Starting to cover the grass now with the sun dropping.
  4. Kind of interesting placement of WNY band just south of the shoreline. Seems a little odd to me.
  5. 34.9 here with light rain. Love it..............not.
  6. The new king? Would like to see that model accuracy chart since the GFS upgrade. Seems to be doing well.
  7. I'm in Spencerport and coming down pretty good. Heading back home soon...32 there, warmer here.
  8. The orientation of the precip is bent more northerly, north of Long Island. Look at ME for example. Wondering if this will phase more than models are thinking.
  9. Surprised that run wasn't closed! That's a wax and edge destroyer...
  10. As you said, it was only downhill from the 1st version...lol
  11. Makes you wonder if someone is playing games with the models. AI maybe?
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