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  1. Well if the the northern stream vort is getting sampled better now, then we should start to see models converge on the right solution.
  2. The earlier phasing on the NAM seems to orient the trough more neutrally. I like it. Let's see if the RGEM holds. Still quite far out for the mesos, but I'm less skeptical based on their excellent performance this season - amped and West.
  3. At the very least, the South Shore should get some LE on the tail end.
  4. Was JUST looking at the radar. Wow, you guys are gonna play catch-up in the golden snowball over the next few days
  5. Is there a WPC model diagnostic discussion anymore? Scratch that, they've integrated into the extended disco.
  6. Here's to hoping the globals are moving in the wrong direction. NAM and RGEM to the rescue. We will see.
  7. Says 4am this morning. Same wording from yesterday or something?
  8. Someone different must be writing the HWO: .DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Thursday through Tuesday. The potential exists for widespread accumulating snow Friday night through Saturday night. Several inches of snow will be possible.
  9. "It's all about the phase, about the phase, about the phase..."
  10. Exactly, so strange. I hope they get burnt. No offense BUF! Lol
  11. Getting stoked. This could be huge-a. Would love to see the coveted Christmas color watch/warning.
  12. Members 4 or 24 please. Not very often you see a bunch of 24"+ members...Clearly there's a chance for a massive hit.
  13. Who wants to bet the mesos are going to be more amped when they get in range?
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