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  1. Not the way to look at it. 20.3 inches is definitely ahead of avg on this date. The avg as of Feb 1 was below 15 inches for all 3 NYC airports. (not sure what it is for 2/13, but it can't be 5 inches more)
  2. La Guardia approaching 25 inches on 2/13, not bad.
  3. That's was the full run on pivotal, they're 18 hours for hrrr and like I said earlier to somebody else the final totals won't be as west oriented as these look since it would still be snowing past this.
  4. Would be nice to get another 2-4 inches area wide. This winter hasn't been as doomsday as the weenies make it out to be.
  5. I think the fact that it's still snowing when this run ends explains why east hasn't filled out as much as west. It seems like it will be a pretty wide swath of relatively similar totals area wide.
  6. Yea and NYC and east ended up with 10-20+ inches when surface depictions were showing 2-3 inches when H5 was screaming something bigger.
  7. 9 days away? Lol have some patience dude!
  8. I live in an apt complex in queens with a few buildings creating tunnels and between them all is a tennis and basketball court. The courts are completely clear and snow is stacked up against the wall surrounding it in parts about 3 feet high lol
  9. Looks like that band heading nw over Nassau County might bring some pop to the outer boros and then Manhattan...
  10. Does anybody have a favorite radar they can recommend?
  11. If the RAP is right (it's giving the city consistently run after run 16 inches with ratios now) people are going to wake up with a surprise cuz that ain't 6-10 inches lol
  12. he's trolling - that's why I asked where he was from.
  13. that was actually a pretty big jump... 0.56" qpf last run to .73" this run 1.5 inches at 10-1 and about 2.9 inches more with ratios...
  14. 2-4" inches for the whole storm? lol You actually came here to troll. What a boring place to troll man. It's a bunch of weather nerds.
  15. I understand that, but most of this forum is focused on the immediate area around NYC and that will be far enough from strong winds for most of this storm that it shouldn't really have an impact on snow growth. Which is why the outer extent of the moderate/heavy snow actually could reflect the Kuchera snow totals. Just a hunch here.
  16. I know, but the comments every time somebody mentions ratios or posts a Kuchera map is ridiculous. Not the same type of storm at all but La Guardia got 9 inches of snow on .3 QPF earlier this month. ratios are a THING.
  17. No no, haven't you heard... there's no such thing as ratios. Snow only falls at 10-1 NO MATTER WHAT.
  18. Yep I think it could be one of those where the outer boroughs surprise some peoeps... so far looking nice.
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