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  1. Would be fun to see Euro get back that 06z look from this morning (bet y'all don't even remember what that looks like now. Feels like weeks ago)
  2. Snowier than 19.5 for nyc? (Yes this includes ratios)
  3. That's at 10-1 too kuchera says the ratios should be super good and actually shift the heaviest axis of snow west. Even if it's not as intense as depicted 12-1/13-1 would still be reasonable
  4. Agreed From nothing to 12-18 for nyc on the ukie at 10-1 ratios?
  5. This looks like the CMC run that initially got us all excited. Well damn.
  6. Bad run - if CMC looks like rgem, the Goofus will be on its own.
  7. That looks... way better - that is maybe more than a tick back west?
  8. Bleeding stopped, need the west trend to commence
  9. I mentioned GEFS trended west and got crickets
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