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  1. Nature has a way of balancing things out so I would be on the lookout for some extremely active years soon
  2. No real severe weather systems in sight and this is usually peak season for our region
  3. Covid19 is far worse than the flu. I know of several people that became severely ill or even died. Thankfully we have a vaccine now and this pandemic is almost over... Hopefully
  4. I believe most of the deaths being reported now are backlogs from earlier in the year
  5. Reporting is low this holiday weekend but the numbers are very encouraging
  6. Almost June. That's the beginning of meteorological summer folks
  7. the forecast becomes murkier as multiple mitigating factors in play that suggest the widespread convective potential is lower across the forecast area than previously thought. There are growing signs of a split in the favored areas for rainfall and convection...with the MCS riding the instability gradient into the lower Ohio and western Tennessee Valleys by tonight while the second area focuses to the northwest of the region across northern Illinois into northern Indiana and lower Michigan as a small low level jet transports moisture and enhances lift around the top of the 850mb low. This will potentially place much of the forecast area in between the better instability and moisture to the southwest and stronger forcing aloft to the north and northwest through tonight. There are even hints of weak mid level subsidence and ridging over the area which further muddies widespread convective concerns.
  8. From KIND There will be a severe threat with this convection late Thursday evening into Thursday night. The moderate WAA will keep the thermodynamic environment fairly conducive for longer. CAPE values around 1000 J/kg are expected to maintain through around 04Z; , diurnal cooling will begin to take over, limiting any SBCAPE. Prior to this, the development of a nocturnal LLJ along with a deepening surface low will create a fairly conducive environment for isolated severe thunderstorms. Wind will be the primary threat as by the time the thunderstorms reach central Indiana they should be primarily linear. The strengthening LLJ and resulting speed shear should help induce some RIJs within linear segments. As diurnal cooling takes over, the thunderstorms will become elevating reducing the wind threat greatly. This is likely to occur shortly after the 04-06Z time period. The severe threat for the entire region will greatly depend on when the thunderstorms reach central Indiana.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me the idiots that drive right into the tornado. Smh
  10. Pending what happens with the morning mcs Thursday has respectable potential for the lower ohio valley
  11. Eyeing Thursday night KIND Models then show a low forming over the central plains that will then move into the area Thursday. Rain could begin as soon as midday in the far western portion of the forecast area, but better chances look to be for the evening to overnight hours. This system seems to be a better organized event with a threat for severe weather included as the low passes through the area Thursday night into Friday. The low level jet will likely set up aloft and ample CAPE (in excess of 1000 J/kg) is also expected.
  12. Cases are declining very fast. I think we are just about ready ( maybe even ready now?)to do away with mask
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