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  1. It looks like rates could approach .5 - .75 an hour for a few hours. If models don’t back down on the intensity I think NW of Philly could be 2-4
  2. What are you thoughts for Berks?
  3. Berks only need .25 for a Ice Storm Warning while Lehigh need .50. I still think if anything NWS will go with Winter Storm Watch/Warning if warranted. Or if they think less likely Advisories
  4. I think there is only three weeks in winter where people don’t bring up the sun angle . It is mid February people. Sun angle is limited
  5. Anyone know a good storm total map for epa. Berks county mostly? I would guess I am over a foot son singing spring but could be more?
  6. Was thinking that today on my way home from work. I got a 10 inch snow/sleet storm in December. Temperatures have been mostly in the 35-45 degree range up until this point. If we get a storm or two during our favorable period in January and possibly a quick hit of arctic air we will be about average. Maybe we can time another event in February or March to keep us happy. It would be as close to normal a winter that I can think of. This wasn’t going to be a snowy winter. I think just average/normal is a win. Let’s get it
  7. Give me cold any day and I will take my chances with snow. Never afraid of dry and cold.
  8. Thanks Walt. I am a PA northwest of Philly guy but always come to NY forum to hear your thoughts. Hoping for a blizzard.
  9. It is not easy to get snow in the coastal mid Atlantic. There is a reason why we don’t have a lot of big snows in early December. It is just too early most times. January we will get a taste of the white stuff