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  1. I believe that this digital snow thread image is perfect for our subforum this year.
  2. First iris opened this weekend and the daffodils look ready to pop. Ordered a pile of soil. Go time.
  3. Only the second time this month I’ve entered 0 for my CoCoRaHS report. This really has been an awful period.
  4. 19.0. Coldest of the winter. DCA at 22 so far. Might be a year without a sub-20 low there.
  5. Crocuses are up, maple tree has the early red fuzz.
  6. It isn’t unusual to have our daffodils and irises poking out by now, but they are really mature looking. Maybe Saturday morning will stunt the growth.
  7. I haven't been below 20 either. I really don't know what that means for the bugs/plants.
  8. MD’s problem is the county tax. Without that, the taxes could be a wash with NH depending, of course, on income and house price. NH’s property tax rates are out of control. 2%+ in many areas. When people talk about moving for tax reasons, in most cases what they really are doing is moving for quality of life (weather) or bang for your buck (cheaper housing) reasons. The taxes just don’t make that much of a financial difference in the vast majority of cases.
  9. Playing around with my snow history. Pretty amazing that over an 11-year period, I've settled in right near the long-term average (which is 20" for my location, as far as I can tell). That median though. Season Snowfall 09-10 Seasonal 69.0 10-11 Seasonal 12.5 11-12 Seasonal 3.1 12-13 Seasonal 12.5 13-14 Seasonal 48.3 14-15 Seasonal 22.7 15-16 Seasonal 31.0 16-17 Seasonal 6.2 17-18 Seasonal 9.5 18-19 Seasonal 20.3 19-20 Seasonal 2.2 High 69.0 Low 2.2 Average 21.6 Median 12.5
  10. Ah, should have checked here too. Posted the same in the Banter thread. Heck of a fire.
  11. Apartment building under construction in Alexandria went up in flames this morning.
  12. The low clouds are really ripping today.
  13. Records at IAD and BWI, but the river wind wins at DCA.
  14. Records today are: DCA: 65 IAD: 66 BWI: 66
  15. Shakira is 43 and J-Lo is 50. There might be something to this exercise thing.
  16. 12z euro puts us on the cool side of the front Wed-Fri and dumps a ton of chilly rain. A really disgusting look.
  17. There are gnats (or similar) flying around outside my window.