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  1. CarLover014

    PD Weekend 2019 Storm Threats

    Nice shift to the north for 12z GFS. Lol, I'm on the extreme northern fringe of the snow.
  2. 12z NAM has the low trending northward the past 24 hours, and a bit stronger as well. Let's hope the northward trend continues.
  3. CarLover014

    PD Weekend 2019 Storm Threats

    Suppression Depression for Saturday evening. Monday and now Thursday is worryingly north for me. Looks like we're entering an active period. Hoping for one nice one to end February
  4. Looking at the Mid-Atlantic forum, the Euro currently has DC in 3-5". That hopefully will trend to the north
  5. GFS looks best for Wednesday's event GEM looks best for Saturday's event GFS-FV3 looks best for Monday's event We'll see about the Euro. A combo of all three would be great. I can dream, right?
  6. That wind be cranking. Had a few gusts over 40 down here by the river.
  7. ICON a little better on Saturday. Still to the south, but at least showing something on Saturday unlike the NAM. Trended warmer from 06z for President's Day system.
  8. CarLover014

    PD Weekend 2019 Storm Threats

    Keep in mind, it's not exactly in the NAM's "good" range, but that's not a good start.
  9. 12z NAM shows diddly squat for Saturday. However it's in its s*** range
  10. CarLover014

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    I use kitty litter. Stuff works great for me.
  11. Sorry, first time looking at the runs this morning, but GEM looks best for Saturday & Monday, GFS best on Wednesday's event.
  12. Hope it stays that way, but 186 hours is a long time away.
  13. CarLover014

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    It's warming now. Up 3 degrees in an hour. Now at 37
  14. I'll take anything. How about Monday/Tuesday?