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  1. We peaked at 83* here today. Absolutely wonderful out. Gonna have a BBQ in the backyard with a bonfire this evening
  2. Very foggy this morning here. Driving around at 4:30 am, and at times zero visibility. We're off to the races now. Would not be surprised if we crack 80* today. Currently, we are sitting at 60/58
  3. Looking toasty for Friday... Just hoping it stays dry for most of the day. Id love to go and do another cruise day We started our first day of these so-called, virtual school real-time days today.
  4. It was a pretty sunrise this morning. Just couldn't get over to the beach this morning. Low this morning was 29* By the way, Gas is $1.99/gal in Old Bridge, NJ
  5. Last night was perfect out. Low 60s until around 11pm. Had a bonfire, and made some burgers too. Another very nice day in store again.
  6. It's a great wind for sailing practice today. Just wished the water was warmer...
  7. Up to 68 here. Rain's coming...
  8. Really hoping this first line of showers breaks up before sliding over me. I left my roof home this morning so I could fit some gear in the hatch, where my roof normally would go. Not that it will be the end of the world if it rains a little (I have waterproof seat covers, towels covering the electronics) but I'd rather not drive in a swimming pool.
  9. Gorgeous sunrise this morning. I think we'll get another 70* day today
  10. Talk about beautiful out! Just finished up a three-hour, 140 mile drive down the emptier roads in the Pine Barrens. Music playing, roof down, and a quick stop for ice cream, too. It reached 74 here. Just to put it into perspective, it was only 75 down by family in Marco Island, FL We might get a pretty sunset with these high clouds filtering in
  11. Just hit 70 here. A ten minute drive east and it's 55
  12. Beautiful. I can start some yard work, and can do some work on the car.
  13. Started off at 39 this morning. We're off to the races now. Currently 55. Glad I took the Vette this morning
  14. We are at 62 here as of 12 pm. Gorgeous out
  15. Artificial reefs? That's the only thing I could think they would do that for