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  1. If I didn't have classes today I'd take a ride out to Island Beach State Park
  2. Picking up pretty well here too. Just curious to know if anyone gets their wind observations from this site:,-73.96,9,1,!43532 I use this a lot when sailing and it has proven quite reliable to me.
  3. We've been sitting here at 33 since at least 5 pm. Ground temp is to 33 according to the sensor buried somewhere in my yard where I forget where I put it.
  4. Here's a picture by the waterfront in the last band we got here. I love the reflection on the flakes from the camera flash. I wish we could upload videos as I have a really nice one but it's 40+mb in size.
  5. I keep getting in these narrow little bands that give a nice 5-10 minute burst of snow then back to flurries again
  6. Yes. That is the plan (hopefully). Still have a long way to go though.
  7. Yes it was a secondary interest of mine. Then I got interested in meteorology.
  8. Mental disorders. Trying to get those BS classes done before the interesting stuff begins.
  9. I'm having a hard time jumping from this to writing an 8-page paper for an online class. Good thing I have another week to complete it, or it would never get done.
  10. My thermometer I buried is saying 33 here. The snow has lightened up quite a bit and the grass is becoming more visible. We topped at 1.3"
  11. We can't say "this storm was a bust" or "this didn't work out" until the storm is over.
  12. Like to mention the snow is VERY WET too. Probably 5 or 6:1