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  1. I'm back! This event looks like a little snow to start before changeover. This system is a strung out mess.
  2. Metsfan


    matlab for me wasn't easy. Try python. Computer coding is not my stronghold. Hope this is a direction.
  3. 12z GFS compared to 00z is is less progressive with Jose at Hr 42. Edit: GFS off the coast with no landfall.
  4. Don't write Jose off just yet. There is really nothing that forces Jose east. The Arctic Oscillation is forecast to go negative along with the NAO heading in a positive direction leading to increased blocking which the models will correct for in the coming days.
  5. Not expecting much from this line. I received 1.60 inches of rain in 45 minutes today from the warm frontal activity. Didn't clear much this afternoon, so I expect mostly showers for suffolk, some of which can be heavy due to the high moisture content.
  6. That is nice. Shame the stj energy couldn't slow down.
  7. With the dynamics being so great I would agree, but I don't like the placement of the 700 mb low for East of NYC.
  8. That mix line is rapidly heading northward, but heavier snow rates will allow evaporative cooling to take effect, and push the line southward, but once the 700 mb heads west of parts on Long Island mix will begin.
  9. 06z NAM soundings do indicate sleet on Long Island. I do agree though if the 700 mb low passes west of your area mixing will be definite, but not immediate because of the placement of the 850 low.
  10. The low will not close off. This is bc of the lack of a greenland block. There is a transient block, hence the storm is progressive.