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  1. Anyone think this line coming through Memphis will make its way to the midstate? .
  2. What do you guys think about Nashville tonight .
  3. I give them some credit. They do a good job of explaining what’s going on to the average person. Although in this situation (as well as some other situations) their arrogance comes back to bite them. As soon as they post that the SPC says we are right in the thick of it. .
  4. OHX has WSW starting at 6 pm for most of middle TN. Certainly looks like it’s going to be here quicker than that. .
  5. Spann just put this on Twitter .
  6. Has anyone kept up with how things currently look vs how the models had them at this point? .
  7. I’m getting pretty concerned were looking at a big ice event for Nashville. .
  8. How reliable are some of these models this close? Is it best to follow the hi-Res models at this point? Complete noob speaking here .