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  1. Memphis National? Used to be AGCS in Knoxville and Atlanta.
  2. 36 in Lebanon with snow. Yes I shouldn’t be on my phone but can’t help myself
  3. I’m living in Nashville now. Up on plateau tonight for work.
  4. 39 in Crossville... atleast that’s what the car says
  5. Glad it’s panning out for everyone. Absolutely nothing here in Nashville.
  6. Is it possible that this precip coming from Mississippi can make it to Nashville? Anything that gets to 40 looks like it just disappears.
  7. Nashseverewx and NWS aren’t seeing this one pan out at all. Saying snow chances are dismal.
  8. The NAM is like Vol Twitter. Not always right but aggressive and fun to watch. Sometimes it wins big. That being said it’s nice to have two systems this early in the season that we’ve been able to watch. Lets hope things keep trending the right way.
  9. Finally getting a mix in west Nashville
  10. Need this cold air to get to Nashville. So close yet so far. Afraid it’s gonna be too late!
  11. Just drove from Antioch to Dickson... dropped from 63 to 54. Rain has moved into Nashville area. According to nashvilleseverewx this rain is hours earlier than anticipated
  12. Great discussion guys. Only posted a few times and have very little knowledge. From Knoxville and live in Atlanta. Coming back home to the great state this weekend. Hoping that we get NAM’d like Atlanta did exactly one year ago. 6 inches in brookhaven. No one saw it coming other than the NAM of course.
  13. Hey guys new to the forum and not a weather guru at all. Just simply like to read what you guys are saying. (I appreciate all the input) I live in Atlanta but from Knoxville and I'm coming up for Christmas. Hoping we have something like what we got here in Atlanta just a few days ago. Quick question.... are some models better than others depending on the year? I know they have their tendencies but just thought I'd ask. From what I saw the NAM nailed the Atl storm.