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  1. So I guess any discussions are allowed outside storm mode.
  2. That's the nicest thing someone on the board ever said to me.
  3. Snow will accumulate during daylight hours much better if there's just the slightest base formed overnight. I believe that's what happened if I recall.
  4. I would suggest updating your location. Nobody wants to look up zip codes.
  5. Funny how lighter returns turn to pixie snowflakes.
  6. I don't hear any pings on my window. Maybe tiny graupel is accumulating?
  7. That's impressive! I'm at the lower elevation of Van Dorn and it's just mist.
  8. Every winter system this year has happened during the day. Tough
  9. Still rain freezing on limited surfaces farther east.
  10. I actually feel like I'm in a pretty good spot for the pre-first wave. Mostly snow now
  11. Does precip starting south mean anything? I don't remember seeing hrrr showing this.
  12. Man, the point on the map for D.C. definitely doesn't depict accurate accumulation for most of the District.