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  1. There's never a situation where the 12KM NAM can outscore the 3KM NAM with mesoscale features.
  2. If rain mixes as long as the 3km NAM shows, this could be the result.
  3. There's no way that would happen if rain mixes in for longer.
  4. THE 3km NAM is a disaster! It mixes with rain on and off throughout the event in D.C.
  5. Mike Thomas just circled the area between D.C. and Baltimore for best max potential on his Facebook live.
  6. For what it's worth, Bob Ryan posted on Facebook that he doesn't like recent trends for D.C.
  7. I'm surprised they look the same! Ttb depth map only shows 3-4" for D.C.
  8. The origin of the low gives hope that the storm could really blossom.
  9. Euro went from suppression to cutter in one run. No way is this over.
  10. It just started running. We're all here for the same thing.