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  1. I'm on the northern edge of the redevelopment. Hopefully it expands west.
  2. Interesting to see how the most tornado prone region has some of the least warming.
  3. Is a strong -epo the best single indicator for winter weather for our region?
  4. Joe Bastardi has an interesting theory for when the MJO goes into the null phase, the result is similar to what the MJO phase was previously.
  5. Think the MJO can swing around to phase 8 late March?
  6. A troll wouldn't make an effort to apologize like they did.
  7. I wish people were nicer and more considerate of good negative pattern analysis. What I read is they were sharing information from other mets. They may not be the most reputable mets here, but I see nothing wrong with sharing someone else's thoughts. There are nicer ways to point out the topic is in the wrong sub.
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