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  1. My thoughts on why I think the pattern has high uncertainty. http://btrwxweather.blogspot.com/2022/12/expect-higher-uncertainty-for-weather.html
  2. Anyone else concerned by the ensembles forecasting the NAO to break down? https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/precip/CWlink/daily_ao_index/teleconnections.shtml
  3. I'm not sure. The precip anomaly field has it over Tennessee.
  4. The precip anomaly for the time frame looks golden!
  5. Where would a low be on that chart? With heights like that, I doubt it would be the Ohio Valley.
  6. Does anyone know this guy? He has a loud voice on Twitter and the only credential shown publicly is he went to Penn State. Is he reputable?
  7. Did anyone else notice the 2 nor'easters in the long range euro? One is on the warm side and one was riding the freezing line.
  8. I'm on the northern edge of the redevelopment. Hopefully it expands west.
  9. Interesting to see how the most tornado prone region has some of the least warming.
  10. Is a strong -epo the best single indicator for winter weather for our region?
  11. Joe Bastardi has an interesting theory for when the MJO goes into the null phase, the result is similar to what the MJO phase was previously.
  12. Think the MJO can swing around to phase 8 late March?
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