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  1. For what it's worth, CPC shows March Phase 8 tends to be drier than phase 1. Unfortunately, phase 2 is when we get the good stuff.
  2. Also interesting to see the ridge over the Rockies versus the west coast.
  3. Strange how the snow maps don't mirror the reports.
  4. For what it's worth I went back and read some on the 1958 storm. D.C. was just above 4" while nw had over a foot. Correction: D.C. was just under 5" and BWI had 8.4".
  5. I'm very interested in the correlation PSU showed. That was one of the best pattern correlations I've seen! There's no way we miss out! Too bad we can't see how well computer models would have done leading up to the 1950s and 1960s March storms.
  6. Why don't the Isobars line up with the darker shades of blue? What's the difference? Note: This was 0z
  7. How great is it that this would be within a couple days of the 30th anniversary of the storm of the century!
  8. Kind of sucks to see the NAO trend upward just in time for phase 8.
  9. Maybe the MJO can come out of the null circle back to phase 7 and then swing out.
  10. How many of you are members of the Weather Band and if so what do you think of it? They claim to have a portal for career advice, but all that I've seen is simply a list of people to contact with specific questions. I feel like such a community is an interesting idea, but needing a membership feels weird to me. I read a discussion of an amateur masters student specifically forecasting severe weather outbreaks based on sunspot activity while the research is still ongoing. The discussion was in response to why we are having a low clipper season. It seems completely irrelevant. The Weather Band discussion page seems to be slim picking.
  11. I posted the same thing last week and everyone skipped over it. We never did the College Park get together that was discussed a few years ago.
  12. Most of us will not see anything wintry tomorrow. Don't let that upset you.
  13. Any climate scientists on these forums? I would like their thoughts about this study. https://juniperpublishers.com/ijesnr/IJESNR.MS.ID.556039.php "The Relationship Between Mid-Ocean Spreading Zone Seismic Activity and Global Temperatures Remains Strong Through 2018"
  14. Most of us will likely not see accumulating snow as long as the PNA is negative, the NAO and AO are positive, and the MJO is heading towards phase 3, 4, 5.
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