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  1. The I270 corridor looks impressive on radar!
  2. There seems to be something about La Ninas that negatively affects operational nwp. Could it be the faster zonal flow?
  3. My predominant precip type had been zr.
  4. Please don't let this band to the south spilt D.C.
  5. Here is a really useful resource on interpreting skew-t/log p charts.
  6. I believe it's the environment a parcel would experience as it travels through the atmosphere.
  7. I just want to ask to try to understand me. I mean no harm with any of my comments and I kindly ask the same when responding to me. I know I can be easily misunderstood. eta: Sorry for the ranting
  8. He said it himself after insulting me.
  9. That would be a lot easier without having to deal with drunks.
  10. The long timers need to do a better job setting an example.
  11. Do you seriously have to be so ****ing negative?
  12. It's the curse of the Winter Storm Watches!