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  1. That GFS depth map I posted last night may not be that far off.
  2. Sucks there's no football today.
  3. What a horrible model. I have never seen the CMC get a storm right when others didn't.
  4. There must be some debate between A.M. and P.M. forecasters at LWX on whether to forecast 6-8" or 4-6" for D.C.
  5. Fwiw, on tonight's CWG live stream Jeff Halverson went with 3.5" for DCA while Jason went with 5.7"and Wes went with 4.1". 4-8 seems pretty high right now.
  6. The GFS barely has 4" inside the beltway and some of that is mixed precipitation. Trends are not good.
  7. 3km nam starts dry.
  8. Interesting to see the hrrr not dry slotting much for D.C.