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  1. DT doesn't know D.C. climo well. It's pretty clear.
  2. It's good way to extrapolate what may happen. eta: The reason I brought this up is just yesterday the euro had a prime KU high. Now that scenario has changed.
  3. Our good snowstorms have the high positioned just north of Lake Ontario. Both 3Km NAM and the 18Z euro don't show that. KU 101
  4. It has had the best handle on recent storms.
  5. One big difference with the 3km NAM is the positioning of the high. No bueno
  6. The lowering trend for D.C. has begun.
  7. This should be a good euro run based on the starting frame of the snow.
  8. Unfortunately another daytime storm.
  9. That is a nice qpf stripe really close to D.C. (I won't say imby)