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  1. 7PM Official Snow Reports KNYC: 4.4" KLGA: 4.1" KJFK: 5.0" KEWR: 5.3" KISP: 5.0"
  2. Moderate snow in Upper Manhattan there's a dusting on grassy surfaces, cars, some sidewalks, and some less used streets.
  3. Snowing in upper Manhattan massive flakes
  4. Yeah I agree. 10" snow is what I was expecting so I'm happy to be getting near there
  5. Seems like around 9” snow in Upper Manhattan so far... still snowing lightly, might make it to 10”
  6. I said I would get a trace of snow this winter a few weeks ago... I already have 9” snow... eating crow now lol
  7. Snowing moderately here in Upper Manhattan. It's been snowing for the past hour, and has been getting more intense over that time period. A patchy dusting on all surfaces.
  8. 00z HRRR. Mostly snow, with a few hours of sleet around 95 and 1 hour of sleet for those north of 95 in Northern New Jersey
  9. Snowing in Upper Manhattan. Giant flakes, no accumulation.
  10. Some snow mixing in, in upper Manhattan
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