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  1. lightning and thunder in new haven
  2. looks like a lot is dependent on whether a coastal can form... if it never forms the storm will be a front end dump for those N&W while if it forms there should be more substantial snowfall N&W. Starting air mass is too warm for those near 95 though
  3. Yeah, I hope I am wrong though and we get crushed, but it's what I'm thinking right now
  4. Light snow from about 12-2 in New Haven… it stopped for a bit but it’s picked up in the last 45 minutes, starting to stick now
  5. NYC: 14" EWR: 16" MMU: 20" ISP: 14" SWF: 28"
  6. If the dew point goes above 75 again I’m moving to Greenland
  7. New Haven had record high nighttime lows twice in a row… currently 88/78 HI102. The dew point hasn’t dropped below 74 for over 3 days.
  8. You can generate these on http://scacis.rcc-acis.org/ under Gridded Data Products/Gridded Data Maps!
  9. It's a crazy precipitation gradient across NYC this month
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