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  1. Hail in upper Manhattan with the storm over us now
  2. I’m hearing pinging in upper Manhattan, not sure if it’s sleet or rain as I’m not outside
  3. As of 30 minutes ago there is about 1.7” snow in upper Manhattan
  4. About 1” in Upper Manhattan. It’s snowing a bit lighter, the flakes are much bigger than at the start though.
  5. 0.1 mile visibility in Upper Manhattan, streets and sidewalks are snow covered
  6. Sticking instantly to all surfaces in upper manhattan
  7. Yep, snow had a second coming in Upper Manhattan. Approaching 0.5”. Sticking on roads and sidewalks, even parts of Broadway.
  8. Upper Manhattan, ice pellets are coming down
  9. I got 0.5-0.8” snow in Upper Manhattan (on grass, almost all paved surfaces were wet) However, in downtown Manhattan there’s no snow.
  10. It’s a great day to be outside in NYC today. Sunny skies with a few Cirrus. Cirrostratus clouds are approaching though.
  11. NYC: 25” EWR: 27” HPN: 37” ISP: 27” JFK: 25” MMU: 30" BLM: 18” BDR: 40” MGJ (Montgomery, NY) 60” After this storm, I think we’ll have a big break from snow for most of the region. Then I predict some events in mid to late January, including a couple coastals. Then I think there will be another AN period in most February, with maybe some snow for the northern part of the metro. Then I think northern areas will cash out on a March storm. That’s why I predicted a big north/south gradient. I also think we’ll see a lot of west-east storm tracks, which is why I made my numbers so dependent on latitude.