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  1. My head hurts from all the wisdom henry just dropped on it
  2. '13. We were camping in Crawford Notch that weekend...us and a few other brave (dumb?) tenters. As a weenie it was incredible. The wife wasn't feelin' it......nasomuch.
  3. I'll give it a B+, maybe A-. For MBY in I had 93.5", with 91.1" at the PWM ASOS proper a few miles away. There was full coverage from 12/9 - 2/28, and then again from 3/8 - present. Three storms of 12"+ Would love to break 100", but that's a tall ask moving forward.
  4. I was told they'd be shut down to the border though
  5. My chuckle was more around Ray getting the label of General Public. Feels like he's deserving of more just based on his dedication, but there's no other appropriate bucket for him. Side note: do you know why the reporting from the PWM ASOS site is inconsistent in terms of when you all report it?
  6. And we're not done yet, still piling up. You're gonna have an epic Maine week...
  7. Yup. Deep winter out here, nice moderate snow pasting everything. 32.5F 14.6" @ 6AM.
  8. Congrats on an incredible week/first season. You're a NE weeenie for life now
  9. Ah, it was filed under Cumberland County. I see someone has moved it...
  10. @Lava Rock. Someone in Raymond reporting 22" to NWS. Hmmm
  11. Yup, you can see the heavier band in York county, east of the death band, trying to link up with heavier band coming on shore SE of Augusta.
  12. This one is crushing me right now. best rates since the xmas storm for me.
  13. IMBY question.... How far N&W do those features appear to make it? Into coastal Maine or are they limited to SNE?
  14. Will likely regret waiting until now to snowblow. 16.0" and 34.0F
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