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  1. smaller main bay but similar in overall size as sebago. Not as deep, though, I don't believe.
  2. 1.0" on 0.05" liquid overnight. First measurable since 1/7/22. Depth at 2".
  3. 1.0" on 0.05" liquid. First measurable since 1/7/22. Woof. Depth at 2", though.
  4. Need the radar to start filling in out my way. Assuming lots of dry air to overcome but haven't checked soundings.. At least make staying up for the midnight observation worthwhile.
  5. That CCB can stay right where it's at
  6. which part? How Sherbrooke CAN gets less than coastal SC, or the part about how we'll need PT from all the show we'll never shovel?
  7. I remember there used to be a Pattern thread and a separate Model thread for each month in winter. That helped keep all the noise that comes with every model run out of the insightful Pattern thread. More "work" for the mods but was nice for the reader.
  8. I'm with you there. Unfortunately I've got dead and brown with frozen ground, patches and piles, and 34F . 10 miles away is another world.
  9. Yes. Same here - super efficient house. We looked into heat pumps for the cooling, not heating. Decided against it since it didn't make sense for the price. But my summer climo is very different than yours. I've got that ocean breeze, for better or worse. Window unit AC's only 3-5 nights a summer, if that. All this talk is making me want Kev to fire up the Lawn thread.
  10. Locked in my propane price in the summer, like I do every year, for <$2.50 a gallon. I pay $1400 in heating/hot water costs. Don't let Queef Carson hear you say that. He'll start a twitter thread mansplaining why you're wrong.
  11. Got some yard ponding going on, "pack" is begging for mercy, nowhere to be seen.
  12. Looks like 10 will do it here. As in 10 snowflakes I saw mix in with the driving rain.
  13. At least you'll have enough to Snowblow? Gotta look for the silver linings, sad as they may be.
  14. The kick in the pants for this event is that I'll have to get up at 4AM to measure the 0.2" that falls as snow before it washes away. old man yells at clouds.gif
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