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  1. Yup, that's where I'm at now (and was at the time)! What was so striking about that first week of March 2015 is the fact that we actually got ice in the middle of the day, in March, and then that neat snow event a few days later. Likewise, 2014 was just incredible with the amount of snow we got in March!
  2. I think both you and @Bob Chill are correct. In March 2014 we had 3 notable events...one early in the month (5.3" where I am), one on St. Patrick's Day (8"), and one on March 25 (3"). We even got a quick inch of snow on (I believe) the 30th after cold rain most of that day. That was a crazy, snowy March in a remarkable wall-to-wall winter. In 2015, I recall some light snow and decent icing around March 1-2, and more ice around the 3rd. Then we got a nice 6.5" snow on March 5. February that year featured extremely cold temperatures and a couple of solid events.
  3. A houseful of meteorologists, all geeking out on the upcoming snow??? Oh my! I think that's illegal in like 32 states or something! Seriously though, glad you enjoyed a good week off, especially with such a wintry and cold week! Awesome!
  4. Funny, but I miss the days when there were like 2-3 threats at once. People would jump into the "short" range one for the upcoming event, and as soon as that model discussion was done, everyone jumped into the medium range to check out the NEXT one!!!
  5. Well, let's not go overboard here! But your overall point is valid, we could well over-perform on this one, hopefully. Certainly think a general 2-4" (DC metro area) is well on the table, which is a lot better than we were looking at the other day.
  6. Yeah I was kind of looking at that, even if it's an ops deterministic at that range. Those are some serious HP systems, and even if they tend to get "kicked out" (with a +NAO), the implication seems to be there's still some cold air around and not far away. All the freaking out over next week's warmup seems a bit odd to me...for the past week, it's been WELL KNOWN (or so I thought!) that after this weekend, we'd be looking at a relax or warmup pattern for 7-10 days or there about. This is no surprise. Will it be a "torch"? I don't know, but even if it is relatively speaking, wouldn't it be good at least if the cold air source region in Canada remains cold (i.e., if Canada doesn't get flooded with Pac puke)? As you said above, this isn't the same kind of thing that we had coming out of December. I hold out reasonable hope and optimism that we have a favorable pattern sometime by the first part of February, and hopefully a return to some good -NAO blocking. In any event, the indications are for a pretty good +PNA ridge to form sometime toward the end of this month or so. I seriously don't think we get screwed for all of February into the first half of March (at least not yet, LOL!!).
  7. Is it at least notably better for us, even if they get (relatively) hammered?
  8. No problem, appreciate it. I wasn't trying to overdo banter, but sometimes a little humor in tense situations (especially since the NAM comes in so S-L-OOOOO-W-L-Y!) helps a bit! Sorry if I sounded harsh.
  9. Same...I'm not able to get this quickly, but I wonder what (if anything?) is better perhaps at 500 mb, if that is the case.
  10. Is there actually more separation between the wave of interest and the pesky "lead wave?" I'm wondering if that's what we might need here?
  11. Might want to just ease up. We're not in storm mode yet for this thing and I'm usually respectful of that when it occurs. I'm just trying to add some humor to alleviate the tension or aggravation...at least I'm not sitting here posting 100 complaints that things suck.
  12. (After further review...bitchy lead wave offsides...repeat 4th and 20 at 06Z tomorrow!)
  13. The March 32nd HECS will be rockin'!!! (April Fool!!!)
  14. Just my two copper coin's worth (not much, probably!)... So after watching this event and checking the discussion here, I think the expectation really should be that we'll have a wintry feeling day with on the order of an inch or so (in most places). I don't see any point in haggling over what models and what cycles show some minor 0.1" difference from run to run at this point, just a day and a half out. That is my general feeling and expectation now. Disappointing after some of the indications we saw earlier? Sure. And who knows, maybe trends will end up wetter or we'll over-perform and get a couple of inches or so. Either way, I cannot complain that much...it caps of a rather wintry week to be honest, before we go into the wilderness of blah next week...after which, hopefully, we'll have better chances again toward the last couple of days of this month or early February (and on into the first part of March!).
  15. Hopefully at least like it better than the 18Z GFS and Euro.
  16. ...Or finding out that Rosebud was Charles Kane's sled!!! Oh, sorry to ruin that for you!!
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