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  1. Personally, I wouldn't mind if we now stay on one or the other (EST/DST) permanently. I suppose in the past it made some sense to "make the most use of" the extended daylight in summer, but that doesn't seem so much of an urgency now. I particularly dislike jumping ahead an hour, like probably most people. I remember when DST/EST used to be 6 months each: you'd set your clock ahead in April, and go back in October. At this point, EST is barely 4 months long. I might have a slight preference for standard time, if only because I think it's a bit silly to begin it in early March, plus even on standard time the evenings are still long in mid-summer. But the main thing is just remaining on one or the other. Hope they really do tie it to many other states doing the same, at least in the eastern time zone; it would be a nightmare if different places had EST part of the time still while others don't.
  2. More like a Monty Python quest, and you know how that turns out!! ETA: Would that be @WinterWxLuvr as King Arthur leading the quest? And maybe @Ji with the coconuts?
  3. God's sake man! Your posts are about the most childish and most devoid of any useful content in here, I swear!
  4. I was just looking at that. Right now, as depicted, it's just a frontal passage in this area. That energy in the southeast gets pushed out to sea.
  5. Yup. We'll see probably several outcomes in the upcoming week. And see if it actually turns into anything for us. But it is worth keeping an eye on like you said earlier and could be one of those "sneaky" events that we weren't much looking at before.
  6. The "CAPE storm" looks like it slides off to the southeast for that Monday. But the signal is still there for what it's worth.
  7. 3" of sleet, and if you take the GFS verbatim it would turn into a block of ice that night! I know several in here don't care for sleet or ice, but really that's all we're looking at here for this event in terms of wintry weather. It doesn't really look like we'll get any snow from this. Personally, in that case, I'd prefer a more "interesting" ice/sleet event over a dull, cold rain. But that's just me.
  8. Oh I think it's a traditional CAD situation with that big, cold high to the north pressing in. I know the GFS maybe doesn't handle details of that, especially at this range, yet it's still showing quite the signature. But offsetting that is whether the GFS is possibly overdoing the cold push. Those details remain to be determined, I guess. But if it's pretty well correct in handling the synoptic situation, it could be an ugly ice event (but quite interesting, to be sure!!).
  9. Yeah, even taking the ice accumulation with a huge grain of salt and all, it's a real sleet bomb a bit north of DC and potentially significant ice within the metro area. From what I saw, temperatures around DCA get maybe a bit above freezing, but still at or below that in the NW suburbs and farther out. Don't mean to parse such details at this time, but just what it shows. Looks like after 18Z Friday temperatures drop a good bit.
  10. Now that's the look of a happy skier!!!
  11. Cool! Last weekend I came upon a pileated woodpecker. Didn't have my longer telephoto lens on me, but I was able to get to within several feet of him, standing on a tree stump looking up so it worked out (plus some cropping!). He paid me no mind and went about his business, I was able to observe him for some time and get a few shots. Here's one:
  12. So... No comments on the 00Z GFS? Still looks like an icy mess for the most part with a lot of precip while 2m temps are below freezing. DC area goes above freezing sometime after 18Z Friday but in the mid 30s or so. Precip moves out after 00Z and temps cool again. Just took a quick glance but that's kinda how it looks. Will let others with more insight chime in.
  13. Well, Ji may not have quite killed irony, but he sure crippled it!
  14. Need to work in kicking bunnies and cute puppies, but maybe "kill pets" covers that already! Perhaps a mention of Rumpelstiltskin too, for good measure.
  15. Just read and stop asking so many question lol Somewhere, off in the distance, irony has quietly died!
  16. <Sean Connery Scottish Voice>Ya cheap baaastaaad! You'll pay $2-3K for a dram and like it, laddie! Just like any real Scotsman when it comes to Scotch!</Sean Connery Scottish Voice> But seriously I hope those prices are in cents rather than dollars! (Sean Connery Scottish Voice to me: "and we'll take away your Scottish card too lad, if you're not careful!")
  17. Yeah, I've learned a lot just looking and reading in here. Reading the various analyses and play-by-play of the models. A lot of that is simply because several others get the data a lot faster than I do and it's easier to just read along myself...and then maybe a bit later go back and see more of what they're talking about. Kinda lazy, maybe, but you certainly learn who knows their stuff and who doesn't. I interject things now and then, but many times what I'd want to say more or less re-iterates what's already been said. I'm guilty (as I'm sure many are) of posting occasional banter-ish posts in the LR threads, but typically only when it's pretty slow in there anyhow. Normally if it's really off-topic I'll do what you mentioned, quote and bring it here into the banter thread. Totally agree with this! I've known of people who suffered through shingles and it ain't fun. Even people who had it more than once. I hope I can avoid it having gotten the Shingrix vaccine (it's a series of 2). My reaction was similar to yours for both shots...had flu-like symptoms for a couple of days. It wasn't awful, but I definitely didn't feel good. But hell, better that for a couple of days than get shingles!
  18. Moon rising past a radio tower yesterday evening...
  19. (...How Old Is He???) chants the crowd!
  20. Then you can be the Fiddler on the Roof!! With shingles!
  21. Oh wow...really sorry to hear they got COVID! Hopefully will remain mild with being fully vaccinated and all, at least. And hope they recover well. Hope you and your daughter are OK and if you do get it, that it's only minor.
  22. LOL! Yes, there is a shot for that, in fact it's a series of 2 (Shingrix vaccine). I actually got mine a couple of years back. Definitely get it, if you're "old enough"...last thing you would want is to suffer getting shingles! Apparently it's quite effective. Hahaha! Have gotten several of those over the years (no, not due to age, but have to get them more often due to history of colitis). I can deal with an all-liquid diet the day before, I can deal with the procedure itself (since they knock you out for that anyhow), and I can deal with the "recovery" right afterward, plus I can eat normally again at that point. But the ONE thing I just CANNOT get used to is that God-awful gallon of prep solution you have to drink the night before. Ugh! It is awful. 8 ounce glass every 10 minutes. It's like a bad drinking game! I can be fine for the first 3 or 4 glasses, but after that it gets to be a real struggle. Even the "flavor packs" they give you don't help much...still tastes like disgusting metallic salt. Bleahhhhhhh!
  23. Well...how about when DCA actually records > 17.8" for a big event, when many areas within DC itself and even right near DCA report 20"+?
  24. Uhhh, doesn't exactly look all that great for Westminster either. It is quite a bit drier across almost the entire area compared to 18z.
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