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  1. @WxWatcher007 may have retired, but the Reaper is still watching you! Party hearty, friends!
  2. I made some humorous comments earlier (or attempts thereof)...but in all seriousness this is a very good point, which I realized after looking a bit more at what the GFS was showing. @brooklynwx99 made the same point that it's not even close to the ECMWF evolution. It's more a matter that the shortwave deepened a lot more. Plus what @CAPE mentioned about the lower heights underneath the block becoming weaker.
  3. Why not? I'm already pretty well boozed up on a couple glasses of wine at this point!!
  4. Now, now...show a bit more respect for the ICON!!!
  5. FYP some...oh, and snow for Christmas?? Bah, Humbug!!
  6. Want a list??? (Some of this is outdated, to be sure...it's from the 1880s...but I've seen the Mikado a few times and it can be adapted to more current events!)
  7. The Euro (Dr. No), after watching the 18Z GFS roll in...
  8. Yup. And as a result the confluence becomes weaker and just gets kind of shoved out of the way a lot more.
  9. So...we'll get an Aveeno warning then, I suppose! Cold and chapped and dry!
  10. For a lot of us, there won't be anything to be washed away!!
  11. I was just going to say...so, could one argue that the GFS is actually a step toward the ECMWF camp, but just farther south with the trough?
  12. Yup! And the 2nd Movement is a veritable timpanist's dream! Actually I like the entire symphony (of course!). I had the good fortune to see it performed live in Atlanta by the ASO years ago when Yoel Levi was conductor and music director. And the Atlanta choir was quite good.
  13. Don't forget...before you all get too excited, I'm on deck!
  14. Honestly, I was a bit confused if @Heisy meant the ICON was all alone, or the GFS!
  15. Yeah, but we always come back just to see the discussion despite that. Pick the nuggets of good information from all the other shit flinging that goes on!
  16. Sadly, we don't have the DGEX anymore!
  17. Yeah I saw all that in the main long range thread! PSU does have some good points, he always does, and he's very thorough. I like his detailed posts to be honest. But I will admit at times it gets too much on the "well, this can go wrong, that can go wrong, we don't want it to evolve how it's showing now..." Caveats are great, but sometimes you end up just looking at the worst case scenarios.
  18. You can probably find it, but there's this recording some time back of a narrator (sounding very professorial) with classical music in the background, going into all the uses of the word "fuck". He starts off by saying something like "Of all the words in the English language, perhaps the most versatile is the word 'fuck'". He then goes on to use it as every part of speech ("It can be use as a noun, as in 'you worthless fuck'", etc.). Pretty amusing!
  19. Of course! Sometimes you just have to laugh at that, when it's blurted out suddenly! You were probably thinking the exact same thing that she said!!
  20. Always a good sign, I normally take that as an indication that the models didn't totally suck for us the previous night! Whenever I see the last post (or several posts) in the discussion thread is by him...I know it's a rant about how everything sucks!! LOL!!! Kinda like Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren's quote: "I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people's accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man's failures."
  21. @mappy, that's awful and I'm sure quite scary! Definitely would freak me out to have that happen suddenly in the dark. Glad you are OK. The car's condition obviously is secondary to how you and mini-map are! (Oh, and by the way, did your little mini-map actually use the "f" word???!!!)
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