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  1. Might want to just ease up. We're not in storm mode yet for this thing and I'm usually respectful of that when it occurs. I'm just trying to add some humor to alleviate the tension or aggravation...at least I'm not sitting here posting 100 complaints that things suck.
  2. (After further review...bitchy lead wave offsides...repeat 4th and 20 at 06Z tomorrow!)
  3. The March 32nd HECS will be rockin'!!! (April Fool!!!)
  4. Just my two copper coin's worth (not much, probably!)... So after watching this event and checking the discussion here, I think the expectation really should be that we'll have a wintry feeling day with on the order of an inch or so (in most places). I don't see any point in haggling over what models and what cycles show some minor 0.1" difference from run to run at this point, just a day and a half out. That is my general feeling and expectation now. Disappointing after some of the indications we saw earlier? Sure. And who knows, maybe trends will end up wetter or we'll over-perform and get a couple of inches or so. Either way, I cannot complain that much...it caps of a rather wintry week to be honest, before we go into the wilderness of blah next week...after which, hopefully, we'll have better chances again toward the last couple of days of this month or early February (and on into the first part of March!).
  5. Hopefully at least like it better than the 18Z GFS and Euro.
  6. ...Or finding out that Rosebud was Charles Kane's sled!!! Oh, sorry to ruin that for you!!
  7. Well, your commentary is a lot easier to translate than Chuck's, for sure!!!
  8. @stormtracker PBP indicators/translations: Jaws music: HECS incoming. "FOLKS!!": 6-12" or so event. "Guys!": mid-level event up to about 6" or so. "Ass hair": Not much change in the 500mb heights or other atmospheric parameters from previous runs. A very technical, scientific (if somewhat disgusting!) term! "Fuck central NJ!!": Fuggeddaboutit, we get nothing on this run. Next!
  9. Just went for a "mini" Jebwalk, ~4.5" snow here in Bethesda now.
  10. Love the cute little snowman (and all these photos)!! Black and white is particularly effective with snow photos.
  11. So wait a minute...what are the other 5 for you, then???? And yes, happy to get on the board finally. Biggest snow since March 12, 2022. First time I've even had any opportunity to take snow photos since then too. Hope to share some when I offload them in the next day or so. Closing in on 3" when I last went out for a Jebwalk, an hour ago.
  12. Hahaha!!! I am so stealing that image! So, if you had back-to-back salt trucks like this, would that be putting Old Bay on your Old Bay?
  13. Thanks for the added insight, Bob! That's sort of the impression I had, that we shouldn't be waiting around for weeks to clear out a bunch of Pac puke air. Looking at the flow over the entire north American region on TT to get a better idea, you can see that Canada generally keeps a northerly flow so the cold air source doesn't get obliterated, thanks to that EPO/PNA ridge. I wonder if in a way this is also a bit reminiscent of 2014, though at the time I believe we had a strongly +AO (whereas -AO this year) and were blessed with having an EPO/PNA ridge on 'roids to help us then.
  14. I think all models have been advertising a relax soon after whatever occurs Fri-Sat (i.e., the following week). But I also thought indications were that warmup/relax would be relatively short-lived and we'd be morphing back into a favorable look by the end of the month. I gave a quick glance at the GEFS mean the other day and that seemed to be the case, but I'll let others who have been following that chime in with better detail.
  15. Nice!!! You're gonna need a bigger (@Jebman) shovel though!
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