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  1. Bah, humbug! You may take the day, but be here all the earlier the next morning! (which is Boxing Day, and we don't talk about that in these parts!)
  2. Good discussion, thanks! Interesting how a +PNA/-NAO kinda looks like a pants tent shape! But that could be my mind going all RR here! Seriously though, we can hope the EPS evolution is more realistic. But it's clear how much uncertainty there is even among both sets of ensembles.
  3. So true! And even the retired Reaper might have to reap himself! What's the world coming to? It's like the Lord High Executioner having to cut his own head off! From Gilbert and Sullivan's "Mikado"... (I'm a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta fan by the way!) And so we straight let out on bailA convict from the county jail,Whose head was nextOn some pretextCondemned to be mown off,And made him Headsman, for we said,"Who's next to be decapite'dCannot cut off another's headUntil he's cut his own off,His own off, his own off,Until he's cut his own off."And we are right, I think you'll say,To argue in this kind of way;And I am right,And you are right,And all is right — too-loo-ral-lay!
  4. "I'm retired. But damn panicking weenies keep trying to suck me back in to take care of them. Get off my damn lawn and reap your own soul if you're that desperate!"
  5. Diarrhea can be a serious issue for people your (our!) age!
  6. The tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth would be enough to make even the Reaper blush!
  7. Ha! That's great! And true, it's the weenie version of the real thing (though the real one was pretty weenieish in itself)! That still stands as my all-time favorite "minor" event around here. At least in part because of what it ushered in for the next 3-4 weeks. Here's a snow-encased tree after the snow ended and just as the winds were really picking up.
  8. I'm a Miller B I'm a Miller B And I just can't ever snow on DC! (to the tune of the old Schoolhouse Rock song "I'm a Bill...")
  9. This sounds surprisingly similar to what actually happened on Feb. 14, 2015! Strong cold front blasted through, a couple hours burst of snow that dropped a quick ~2" where I'm at...followed by strong winds and very cold!
  10. Hey as one who has endured a litany of Cleveland sports agony, I endorse this sentiment! The drive, the fumble, the Jordan shot at the buzzer, two World Series losses in extra innings of game 7! But you do get the occasional bright spots (2016 NBA championship in an exciting game 7)!
  11. Clever Reaper joke...I see what you did there!
  12. Good points, Bob. And I'll agree with the part I bolded for sure, having grown up in Ohio. I know I've said this before but in northeast Ohio we'd get a number of solid area-wide events, like 4-8" or 6-12" kind of deals. Rarely more than a foot (I can recall a couple in my time there). Never 20"+. Now, that excludes lake effect snows of course, but those are more localized and you have to be in the right areas of NE Ohio to really get the full brunt. Or you could get a "bonus" of lake effect on top of the synoptic snow when the main storm was over and the winds shifted. When I came to this area, I never had experienced a synoptic scale 20" event. I've now seen about 4 of those in the two decades I've been here. And a few others of a foot or more. Likewise, I've seen more ice events here too than I recall in Ohio...the whole CAD setup we have is something you don't see there so much.
  13. I was thinking there was some smaller event a few years back but couldn't recall which December that was. I believe you're correct, that was 2017.
  14. Who knows...maybe we're due for something decent in December. It's been a loooong time since there was anything really wintry in that month. I think 2013? Now, I'm not talking 2009 level HECS, but something like a "December 5th" moderate event to actually get us on the board and actually feel like the season. Just so we're not going through the month with a near torch, and by the time Christmas arrives we're hoping that 2+ weeks out ensemble forecasts for sometime in January, that some mythical fine pattern MIGHT show up. And I think we can do without a muggy, warm Christmas Eve (2015).
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...may you have many blessings!!
  16. Drop the price to a few universes below normal and we've got a deal!!
  17. Blocking, cross-polar flow, reloading, mentions of December 2013, pants tents...dogs and cats living together...oh my!
  18. So when does the Chill Ski and Tobogganing Resort open??
  19. @WxWatcher007...all those photos and videos are amazing, thanks for sharing that experience! Takes me back to when I was in northeast Ohio growing up, all those lake effect storms. We didn't have anything like what the Buffalo area is getting now, but I know you can easily get several inches within a couple of hours from those lake bands. And it was crazy how you could drive from the downtown Cleveland area or the west side of town where it was cold and mostly clear and some snow on the ground...to a blizzard and whiteout just southeast and east of town.
  20. So it appears the word of this winter is...RELOAD!!! It's like AMPED from years ago for the January 2016 blizzard. Maybe we need @stormtracker to do what he did before, automatically change "reload" to "randytastic" whenever anyone used that term (I think that's what he did for "amped" back in 2016)!
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