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  1. Oh wow...really sorry to hear they got COVID! Hopefully will remain mild with being fully vaccinated and all, at least. And hope they recover well. Hope you and your daughter are OK and if you do get it, that it's only minor.
  2. LOL! Yes, there is a shot for that, in fact it's a series of 2 (Shingrix vaccine). I actually got mine a couple of years back. Definitely get it, if you're "old enough"...last thing you would want is to suffer getting shingles! Apparently it's quite effective. Hahaha! Have gotten several of those over the years (no, not due to age, but have to get them more often due to history of colitis). I can deal with an all-liquid diet the day before, I can deal with the procedure itself (since they knock you out for that anyhow), and I can deal with the "recovery" right afterward, plus I can eat normally again at that point. But the ONE thing I just CANNOT get used to is that God-awful gallon of prep solution you have to drink the night before. Ugh! It is awful. 8 ounce glass every 10 minutes. It's like a bad drinking game! I can be fine for the first 3 or 4 glasses, but after that it gets to be a real struggle. Even the "flavor packs" they give you don't help much...still tastes like disgusting metallic salt. Bleahhhhhhh!
  3. Well...how about when DCA actually records > 17.8" for a big event, when many areas within DC itself and even right near DCA report 20"+?
  4. Uhhh, doesn't exactly look all that great for Westminster either. It is quite a bit drier across almost the entire area compared to 18z.
  5. Looks like it's hangin' from about west-central Virginia up to Jersey!
  6. Why is there discussion about spring and longer range thoughts in a thread that's about an upcoming event later tonight and tomorrow?
  7. I can't quite tell what's going on, but it's not just the snow, it's a veritable precip blank almost. Like a rain shadow of some sort?
  8. Nahhh...just keep coming on in here regularly...you're sure to see plenty of "flakes" all year long!!
  9. Ahhh, the Maestro storm! Has a ring to it! Might strike the right chord and we can end this winter on a high note!
  10. Yeah, totally agree with that!! Bleah!!
  11. Definitely less separation between the northern stream drink (on the right) and the already neutrally tilted southern stream one. Looks like they definitely could phase into a much larger, more potent beverage. Especially since they are nearly empty so another glass is in order. I predict enhanced vertical motion uplifting the glass and a subsequent strong influx of booze imbibed as well. 00Z will be telling, but I like these trends!
  12. You forgot the "phone a friend" forecast! But not sure where that fits in to the overall order!
  13. Didn't you get the record or near-record for number of weenie reactions for some post awhile ago? LOL!!
  14. @Bob Chill was right, he really must have appeased the snow gods. Maybe offered Jobu's rum to the GFS for happy hour!
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