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  1. NWS Atlanta released a Winter Weather Advisory for up to 2 inches already.
  2. Trends on the CFS for Nov-Dec-Jan look nice
  3. where do you see the GEFS ensembles ? is it behind a paywall ?
  4. Im surprised NWS for Atlanta mentioned wintry precip next weekend for "much of the forecast area".
  5. Atlanta had thunderstorms today. Isnt there a saying that it snows 10 days within thunder in the winter ?
  6. Have you guys seen the warm noses the gfs has in the LR for NE GA and the Upstate ? Everytime theres a modeled front, those places get left out
  7. How does Metro Atlanta look in all of this ? Are we sitting out for this one ?
  8. JBs going to have his winter forecast up on satuday... lets see what he says
  9. March 9-12 on the 12z run looks pretty interesting