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  1. Yeah mostly rain, every now and then see some pellets...going to be a brutal day.
  2. Steady sleet in Raleigh/Garner area... Wish this was an indication of the precipitation on Friday.
  3. Anyone have a link to webcam? Wasn't able to find any that were active.
  4. Have fun up there! Recently moved to NC and this thing is juiced! Been pouring at times hardest I've seen it in a while.
  5. Flower beds and roofs are dusted in Southpoint area, some light flurries going on. I'm new to the south still, does this mean I can work from home tomorrow?
  6. Down to pixie dust and sleet in Southpoint. Ugh
  7. Think it's accurate to say that it is dumping snow right now, everything quickly covered.
  8. Finally all snow, quickly coating grass and mulch areas! Although hard to tell how much since some was already whitened by the sleet.
  9. Right on 54 (Arboretum at Southpoint) just passed the Domino's if you're going away from 55.
  10. Flakes starting to take over in Southpoint area, hopefully this is it for the rain and sleet.
  11. Heavy sleet in Southpoint area by 55/54.
  12. 37 with rain and ice mixing, in South Durham.
  13. Was walking dog in Southpoint area, thought I saw a few flakes.
  14. Yeah same here we had a little River flowing through area by our building , what complex are you in? We're over at the Arboretum apartments.
  15. Yeah, live in a complex by intersection of 55 and 54, went out to grab dinner real quick and came back to power lines down by the Mr Tire on 54. That Creek that runs under 54 between the chick fil a and Mr tire was an absolute river earlier.
  16. Can anyone tell me what it looks like for Saturday the 10th in Raleigh area. Want to go to Beericana but with it being outside want to make sure the weather holds up before committing to buying a ticket.
  17. Does anyone know of webcams in the area of landfall in Florida?