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  1. Where about? In Raleigh along Garner line, still have power luckily.
  2. Any link to this? Can't find any sources.
  3. Not trying to be overly dramatic, but does anyone know if the city of Raleigh or NC has provided sandbags in the past? Live in a relatively low lying area so trying to create a plan just in case.
  4. As someone who lives on a relatively flat road in Raleigh and parents who live in Wilmington, this is a less than ideal trend. Obviously still far away and lot of time for things to change. I've seen when rain and winds would start on the coast, but does anyone have a breakdown on when inland like Raleigh would start getting in on it?
  5. Parents live in Kingston by the Pembroke & Plympton town lines. Dad says it's been some of the hardest snow he's seen in a while and they lost power about 30 mins ago.
  6. Can see transformers exploding in the sky, not good.
  7. Really impressed with the growth we've had, you can definitely tell the temp is dropping as the snow has gotten finer. Don't have any measurements, but was in backyard playing with the dog and most of our tracks have filled in.
  8. Starting to accumulate on sidewalk & street here.
  9. Had light snow/rain for a while, just started coming down at a decent clip, will be curious to see how long it takes for grassy areas to start accumulating.
  10. Just sitting here on the Raleigh/Garner line twiddling my thumbs...
  11. Parents lost power in Kingston, MA about 30 minutes ago.
  12. After all this, who would've thought western wake who was cut off on all the forecast maps would possibly be in a better position than me sitting on the wake/Johnson County line.
  13. Enjoy the storm! Used to live in Weymouth before moving here 2 years ago this spring. It's been interesting going from being in a great spot for snow, to now begging for an inch of it. Enjoy your blizzard!
  14. Appears so, and Raleigh NWS hinted at it with their 'As high as' potential map. Will be interesting to see trends overnight and radar watching.
  15. One can still hold out hope I guess!
  16. You guys got a lot of moisture coming your way. Been raining heavily all day down here, had a brief moment where it changed over to heavy snow and came down and coated the ground, other areas out west seem to be over performing from what was forecast. Enjoy!!