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  1. Wife reports that it is a 'snowglobe' at home on Raleigh/Garner line. Says they're some of the biggest snowflakes she's ever seen.
  2. Snowing at a pretty good clip here in Morrisville, parking lot has a solid coating.
  3. Snow starting to take over the sleet here at the office by RDU.
  4. Looks to be sleet and rain now, hoping to just go straight to rain, don't feel like dealing with ice and losing power.
  5. Looks like we're back to mostly sleet.
  6. Snow still holding on here on Raleigh/Garner line, have had periods of heavy sleet but back to mostly snow right now.
  7. Has definitely gotten gustier, snows becoming more steady as well, Raleigh/Garner line.
  8. First light flakes falling in Raleigh.
  9. Just went for walk with the dog, about 3 miles south of downtown Raleigh, nothing yet but feels and smells like snow.
  10. Allan Huffmans latest thinking.
  11. about to create mass hysteria in the triangle.
  12. SE Raleigh, power officially out after a lot of flickering.
  13. Starting to get pretty windy down in SE Raleigh. Have gotten a few strong gusts.
  14. In southeast Raleigh by Garner, it's been dumping pretty good for good portion of the evening, still have power *knock on wood*
  15. Where about? In Raleigh along Garner line, still have power luckily.
  16. Any link to this? Can't find any sources.
  17. Not trying to be overly dramatic, but does anyone know if the city of Raleigh or NC has provided sandbags in the past? Live in a relatively low lying area so trying to create a plan just in case.
  18. As someone who lives on a relatively flat road in Raleigh and parents who live in Wilmington, this is a less than ideal trend. Obviously still far away and lot of time for things to change. I've seen when rain and winds would start on the coast, but does anyone have a breakdown on when inland like Raleigh would start getting in on it?
  19. Parents live in Kingston by the Pembroke & Plympton town lines. Dad says it's been some of the hardest snow he's seen in a while and they lost power about 30 mins ago.
  20. Can see transformers exploding in the sky, not good.
  21. Really impressed with the growth we've had, you can definitely tell the temp is dropping as the snow has gotten finer. Don't have any measurements, but was in backyard playing with the dog and most of our tracks have filled in.
  22. Starting to accumulate on sidewalk & street here.
  23. Had light snow/rain for a while, just started coming down at a decent clip, will be curious to see how long it takes for grassy areas to start accumulating.