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  1. Typical Iowa March weather right here 30 and heavy snow in the northern 1/4 and 60s-70s with moderate rain in the southern 2/3. The GFS is stronger this run and only steepens the gradient of temperatures found across the state.
  2. Sunny and brisk here with a temp of 40 and a wind out of the NNW at 22mph. However it doesn't actually feel that cold. I've noticed the VTI obs station is usually a few degrees warmer than my obs and others around it.
  3. http://www.weather.gov/dvn/SUMMARY_04092015 DVN had 3 that day. I kinda 1/2 thought there may have been more that was because LOT had a lot of tornadoes in their western counties toward the DVN/LOT line and I thought a coupe of them started in DVN and tracked into LOT territory.
  4. They had a decent day last year 4/9/15. There were at least 3 tornadoes in the DVN CWA that day. Maybe more, I might do a quick look.
  5. wow, the storm in NW IL really crapped out.
  6. 71.5 dBZ maximum on the La Belle cell. Definitely some decent hail aloft.
  7. That looks like some weak rotation to me. Edit: thats the novelty cell.
  8. These storms are initiating right were radar coverage is the worst
  9. I got really lucky on 02/02 and got some thundersnow but haven't had a real tstm since 12/23.
  10. HRRR now has another cell that looks somewhat organized on the IA/IL border.
  11. SPC finally added the large hail hatched area in the ENH risk area.
  12. DVN seems to think that the afternoon storms will also have some severe potential along with the morning mrgl hail potential west of the MS river. HWO
  13. I read the discussion, but I don't think it would warrant a slight risk maybe a marginal risk for the morning hail. I don't think it will be widespread enough to warrant a slight risk.
  14. Why does the SPC think i'm in the game? I haven't been in the game on any of the models I don't think. I don't buy the slight risk west of the MS river.
  15. MN is in the 70s. wow! It'd be really nice if the clouds/iso showers would cease to exist but it looks like we've got plenty of status and clouds to go down here in IA/IL. Enjoy the warmth where there's no cloud cover!
  16. Reminds me of Breckenridge out in Colorado. Nice pic.
  17. Nice radar returns and some nice dry air. That's a good mix right?
  18. about 1" here. DVN and all other mets in the area busted. I was thinking 2" and they were thinking 3-5.
  19. Switched to light flurries with VERY occasional drop of freezing drizzle. Given reflectivity values I'd say not all of it is hitting the ground yet. More snowflakes then rain drops. No sleet.
  20. HRRR snowfall matches RAP QPF really nicely with the heavy band placement.
  21. Temps are beginning to fall here, no wind though.
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