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  1. Last 3 runs of GFS for next weekend. Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  2. 12z GFS still has the monster storm for next weekend. 3 runs in a row its showed some sort of wintry precip
  3. CMC isn't happy. Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  4. RAP gives me around 3". I'll take it and run.
  5. 6z euro Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  6. The band that the HRRR and 3k are showing is very nice!
  7. The 3k has more moisture in VA and the NC piedmont.
  8. That was an ugly NAM run with the exception of Eastern NC
  9. I'll take that foot and a half the GFS gives me next weekend lol
  10. Waking up looking at the morning runs like meh... need some better phasing... the NAM, of course took a step back from its great run at 0Z... and others are still similar...
  11. GFS out to 36, does not look as good as the night models so far...
  12. Remember this folks, especially up into VA, the snow ratio will be higher than 10:1 and the Kuchera that is being shared is not to accurate on some of these models... some places will get higher than what these runs are showing.
  13. 0z RGEM is also better this run... nothing like the NAM, but a trend in the right direction
  14. From my house to the east... wow what an increase... Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  15. Hi Res Nam not near as good but still not bad!
  16. Geez, the 0z NAM knows how to get us excited...
  17. Not saying it will be in thus exact location but a decent band of snow could set up for a few hrs and deliver higher totals somewhere.... Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
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