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  1. I'm 33 years old and still feel that way... although I'm not as bad as I used to be, probably cause I have kids now lol
  2. The Low is still there on the 0z GFS for next weekend... mainly keeps the snow near the coast and then goes and gives a blizzard to the coast of New England...
  3. We've officially had 4 different days of snow here in Dry Fork, VA so far this winter. Neither storm has been huge but we've totaled to between 7-8" for the winter.... hoping to get a big one soon... another dusting or so tonight
  4. Congratulations to all of yall getting it good tonight. Yall deserve it... I know it's been a while for you.
  5. Snowing pretty good up here on the NW side in Dry Fork, VA.... hoping to at least get a coating before it tapers off.
  6. Anyone have any ground truth to the band west of Winston salem?
  7. Not sure if it matters now, but the 18z NAM is a massive expansion of the NW side of the snow.
  8. I agree with that.... going forward I wouldn't discount the Euro but I will begin to have more confidence in the GFS...
  9. Point is. Right now, their is a signal for a storm around for next weekend.
  10. Just saying.... all 3 globals. These are the 24 hr 10:1 ratios... the cmc was a little later with the storm... Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  11. If that happened that way , I would probably chase that one... the heavy stuff would be just a couple counties to my west
  12. The evolution of it was weird on the euro... either way, plenty of time to watch...
  13. Geez... thats a weird storm. The low blows up inland... the sw NC and VA mts get hammered... east of the mountains, it's ice or rain...
  14. 12z EURO Is a monster snow storm, western VA, NC, SC, GA.... Edit... then it's a little to warm... ICE and Rain also...
  15. Geez... EURO about to explode.... all 3 globals have a monster storm around this period.
  16. Gotcha... out to 180 looks like it's coming... around the same time as the GFS....
  17. This may be a little off topic quick question , but speaking of weather apps, if I'm paying for one , which one should I get? Or which one is worth being paid for?
  18. CMC has a similar storm a few hrs later... a little further inland but both models show some sort of storm around the 200 hr period.
  19. Lol that would be the storm of the century. 2 feet in Charleston... lol
  20. Hoping to get a few snow showers up this way but I'm happy for yall that don't normally see as much snow! I hope this thing overperforms for you all!
  21. That precip shield on the NW side seems to be under done on modeling a lot of times... maybe the models are catching on to that now, or that might not be part of it at all...
  22. I could be wrong but the latest Rap was another small tick nW with the precip shield.
  23. 37.9 here with what appears to be some wet flakes beginning to mix in with the rain...
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