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  1. This is getting interesting really quick , especially after the Thursday night system...
  2. Can someone post the sleet map of the 0z RGEM? That looks like 1-2" of sleet
  3. 0z RGEM is a significant Winter Storm taken verbatim for VA... a sleet storm for southern VA , extreme N NC
  4. 0z NAM going back to its other solutions. Ticking back north unfortunately
  5. 18z ICON also with ICE Thursday night
  6. Not really just more of a sleet storm than ZR
  7. 18z RGEM coming in colder. You can see its further south than 12z
  8. RGEM on Tropical tidbits , not sure about the one on weatherbell
  9. Doesn't take much, let's see if the guidance keeps the trend going
  10. Geez , this thing is trending colder quick!
  11. ICE STORM beginning per NAM , N NC S VA @ 78
  12. IP breaking out at 75 per NAM in Southern VA
  13. At 66 , the NAM looks similar to the EURO
  14. Moisture definitely more south on 18z NAM , let's see where it heads...
  15. Yeah the CMC/RGEM really looked intriguing...
  16. Wonder if the NAM will trend colder for the late week system
  17. Yeah it won't warm up like the EURO is advertising... that would be a devastating ICE Storm for some folks
  18. 12z EURO trended colder. Significant snowstorm for Central VA , Significant ICE storm for Southern VA/Northern NC
  19. What is taking place? Is the High trending stronger or is the storm taking a more southern track?
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