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  1. Really wish the GFS was right, but I can see how this is going to go. GFS will probably soon fold to the other guidance.
  2. Yeah I was watching the H5 maps and not even looking at the surface and was like, this run has to be good with this look lol
  3. The 0z GFS just had to go and get my hopes up and drop 8"... geez...
  4. RGEM wasn't to bad... didn't get to finish its run... the NAM however was awful.
  5. 18z Euro was actually an improvement over 12z.
  6. Yep a good hit for here per 18z GFS. would love to have a whole area hit though
  7. I hope the GFS/GEFS are on the right track but I'm not putting all my eggs in there basket...
  8. The Euro still didn't get there but it actually did improve from 0z. So that's a positive.
  9. Euro vs GFS Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  10. So here we go again, the GFS/GEFS , vs everything else... will see what the Euro shows soon.
  11. Yall check out the cmc... at hour 96 it looks pretty good... at hr 102, it goes poof loll
  12. 12z GEFS Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  13. Absolutely, it went more neutral to negative tilt quicker...
  14. 12z GFS gets it done up here... 3-6" widespread.
  15. 6z GFS is a Major Winter Storm for Central/Northern VA, a Light-Moderate Winter Storm for Southern VA into the Carolinas. Really wish thr Euro was on board. Hard to get excited cause it's not at the moment.
  16. 12z NAM looks good... I think? Someone with more expertise can chime in on the end of the run.
  17. At H5, the GFS has improved the past 2 runs. Let's see if that continues today. The Euro has a ways to go but it did improve at H5 compared to 12z.
  18. The ground temps won't get that warm with as cold as we've been. It would take more than 1 day in the 60s.... ground temps will not be an issue. That's overrated in my opinion anyway
  19. All guidance other than the CMC, improved up this way on 0z and 6z. Looking forward to the 12z today.
  20. Still right many hits up this way... not giving up yet.
  21. And.... CMC and UK are a miss as well... well guys we see where this is heading.
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