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  1. Alright, I'm back on thr euro train... so much for that upgrade of the gfs
  2. I imagine we will see a step back on the ensembles.
  3. Definitely not what we wanted to see per 12z GFS
  4. CMC was really close... a lot better but not quite there.
  5. Loved the look of the gfs until I saw the surface depiction lol
  6. GFS was weird. The coastal missed us but an upper disturbance dropped down and gave a decent amount of snow to some areas... at least their is a signal for something right now.
  7. It does go Negative Tilt. To bad we can't see what the surface shows.
  8. Hmmm . That one goes out further. The other one stopped at 144 on tidbits.
  9. Look at the last frame of the 500MB Vorticity of the 12z UK It looks like it was about to deliver a big storm for Super Bowl Sunday.
  10. Trending towards more ice with the models.... a significant change from 18z, other than the rgem which has had quite a bit of ice for many runs.
  11. Latest HRRR gives Greensboro a quarter inch of ICE...
  12. https://home.pivotalweather.com/ Look for yourself lol
  13. Surprised no one on this board is talking much about this coming Monday... the Euro, icon, HRRR, RAP and RGEM are showing Wintry Precip in the piedmont and Southern Va.
  14. 18z euro still trying to put some light accumulation in the northern piedmont and Southern VA for Monday....
  15. Lol, the 18z Euro was about to drop some wintry precip Monday morning in Southern NC
  16. Fact is, here, we have already exceeded our average snow for an entire winter. We have between 9-10" total so far. The average is somewhere around 6-7". I hope we get more and I believe we will, but if we didn't, it wouldn't be a bad winter here.
  17. Well looks like we can definitely start looking past this weekend... the pattern looks really good going into late next week.... definitely some possibilities coming up and February is setting up to being a possibly active month.
  18. Wouldn't surprise me if the 0z NAM showed a decent event coming but we know that it will disappear in the coming days...
  19. The NAM was on its way to being a decent storm somewhere... ending the run on a neutral tilt plowing east...
  20. To bad its the long range NAM. It actually looks pretty good. The vort is not flat or strung out, almost neutral tilt... who knows where it would have went...
  21. That would actually be funny to me cause Brad Panovich this morning pretty much Said it just isn't much there.
  22. If it would tilt negatively a little more, that would probably be all the adjustment you need...
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