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  1. FWIW , the ICON is an ICE Storm for the CAD areas Friday/Saturday
  2. You would think with what looks like a good High Pressure to the North?
  3. I feel like we are so close to a major winter storm, just can't get that cold air down here!
  4. This Deform Band Is meaning business here this morning. Gor 1.5" and it's putting it down Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  5. 40/32 back at home , light rain. Hopefully the changeover will happen sooner than modeled
  6. Anyone have any ground reports of snow near Winston or Greensboro? Just curious as it heads up this way
  7. Congratulations to yall getting the snow! You deserve it!
  8. I would take that and run with it up here
  9. Man the latest HRRR pastes my area with the deform band tomorrow morning
  10. It would be nice man but I'm thinking maybe 1-2" back home... hoping for more. You should get 3-5" IMO
  11. Meh , let me know when it's baseballs
  12. Cloudy 46/19 back home, Temp got up to 54 today
  13. Hope you guys keep cashing in down their, hopefully we will as it makes its way up
  14. Appreciate your service man. I wonder if that back end that comes through tomorrow morning could put more down than modeled?
  15. New HRRR is a little step back from the previous run but not bad
  16. @Buddy1987 I'm working at the fire station tonight, so I'll be in Danville instead of Dry Fork. Hopefully I'll be able to drive home in the morning to a lot of white.
  17. It is a plastering for the both of us but is it right?
  18. Picture, or it didn't happen. Lol
  19. Man the HRRR let it eat on that run
  20. The HRRR is a good run up this way taken verbatim
  21. Euro is beautiful up here if right
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