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  1. With the upgraded GFS having a signal, I put a lot of stock in that.
  2. Ended up with about 1.2" here in Dry Fork. It was awesome.
  3. In a good snow Band right now! Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  4. Temp down to 37.8 . A few wet flakes trying to mix in.
  5. Temperature now at 39.0 and dropping fast!
  6. Temp now at 40.8 with very light rain falling...
  7. 41.9/31.8. Cloudy for now. Temp continues to steadily drop.
  8. 42.8/31.1 Light rain should be starting soon, quickly changing to snow.
  9. @ 3:45pm, Temp of 43.3/31DP... steadily dropping
  10. Actually got up to 46.4 here, but already beginning to drop fast. Temp down to 44.4 and dropping... dew point is 31
  11. Hoping we cash in on what the HRRR is showing. Been fairly consistently showing over 2" here.
  12. Temperature of 41 here, Dew point is 26.1
  13. Yeah wherever that band sets up will be good rates for a little bit.
  14. Whoever gets 2-4" out of this will be a winner... if a banding gets set up and sits , someone could get 5" out of this... who knows where that will be
  15. Yes please! Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
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