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  1. And there it goes. We are under a Winter Storm Warning now
  2. If the wedge holds, those amounts would be closer to 3/4"
  3. By 6 Am , the HRRR already has us getting over 1/4" of ICE
  4. Oh wow. That's what I was wondering. It's about to get real...
  5. Kinda makes it worse for tomorrow if this ICE doesn't melt today
  6. Um , can anyone explain why folks were calling for Temps to rise to mid 30s today? We have actually fallen and sit at 30.0 at the moment.
  7. Met out of Richmond shared this updated map for tomorrow. That's definitely ICE STORM WARNING CRITERIA if right Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  8. They had snow/Sleet in Lynchburg, about 40 mins north of here. We had ZR
  9. Whats weird is they have counties just to my NE under a Winter Storm Warning lol
  10. I'm really surprised that we aren't under an ICE Storm Warning up here for tonight/tomorrow. @Disc any chance we get upgraded?
  11. Temp here at 30.6 , ICE on trees and Powerlines and Deck
  12. Significant Icing Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  13. Temp here is 32.2 now. Light ZR falling... to dark to see how much is on the trees , deck still isn't ICY just yet... need to get to 31 probably to take notice
  14. Yeah I don't see us going that low. I think 30 would be our lowest but no lower than that
  15. Is the radar looking dull because of the blacksburg radar not working? I wonder what the radar really looks like
  16. The NAM will be interesting when it gets in range for Tuesday
  17. Taken verbatim , a temperature of 29 here and ZR on Tuesday
  18. 12z EURO still has an ICE STORM for Tuesday in Northern NC/Southern VA
  19. I wish I was wrong but Tuesday is looking more and more like rain again...
  20. Man that's ICE Storm Warning material right there
  21. If this verified , it's been probably 20+ years since an ICE storm like this came through
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