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  1. Definitely a good run from the Euro up this way... will be interesting to watch future trends...
  2. 12z GFS shows a decent hit for Virginia this weekend. Not far off from being something bigger. Something to watch.
  3. Surprised not many folks are talking about the potential storm the Euro/Eps is hinting at in the 8-10 day range. Yeah it's still far out there but something to possibly track...
  4. The Pattern starting after day 10 looks nothing short of "active."
  5. Long range GFS is pretty wild at the end of the month into March 1st. Snowstorm/then ice storm and then Rain.
  6. Still snowing some. Ending up with a nice dusting on the grass and the grill... mainly elevated surfaces.
  7. Let's see what the 18z NAM Nest has to say. Will it agree with the HRRR....
  8. 18z HRRR coming in, again, aggressive. Coastal gets more involved.
  9. GFS continues to put a few inches down around my area. Not sure if it's right but it's been consistent.
  10. I think a general 1-2" will be common up this way with maybe 3-4" in some of the mountains.
  11. The 12z HRW FV3 looks mighty impressive for northern NC southern VA fwiw
  12. I must admit... the HRRR, and it may be wrong, but has looked quite impressive.
  13. Really hate the GFS ain't working... the GEFS looked good.
  14. Still believe this has the potential to put down a light even 1-3" type of event for @Buddy1987 , @Disc and myself.
  15. GFS was showing me getting 6-8" but it's on an island.
  16. Really wish the GFS was right, but I can see how this is going to go. GFS will probably soon fold to the other guidance.
  17. Yeah I was watching the H5 maps and not even looking at the surface and was like, this run has to be good with this look lol
  18. The 0z GFS just had to go and get my hopes up and drop 8"... geez...
  19. RGEM wasn't to bad... didn't get to finish its run... the NAM however was awful.
  20. Yep a good hit for here per 18z GFS. would love to have a whole area hit though
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