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  1. Incredible snowstorm here expecting 24 plus inches of snow here.
  2. the 18 GEFS disagrees with the neverending shutout look of the 18 gfs op model.
  3. I had a good feeling this was going to happen!.
  4. I am sorry I am still learning the nao isn't really about here for snowstorms especially a negative one?.
  5. A gradient must be setting up as it looks cold here in the long range. Which keeps us away from the effects of the SE ridge.
  6. Yeah its not looking at all. Strong positive EPO/NAO/AO the end of winter as we know it!
  7. The CFS and GEFS isn't seeing this super torch that the EPS is on. Thanks largely to the polar vortex blocking and muting a lot of this pacific puke from entering.
  8. Doesn't seem to have any real support from the GEFS as well as the CFS weekly and the GEPS.
  9. Not a betting man here. But looking at things looks like the Pna isn't so negative more like neutral and the EPO is somewhat positive going though into neutral to negative. NAO and AO going sharply negative. Last year at this time it was very different. I know some are saying that we are heading into a super torch for Christmas. I think it's possible that the Euro model is not seeing the blocking that the gfs and other models are seeing. The Euro has been performing very badly the last couple of months.
  10. So the Nam state is what is going to kill December for being a true winter month like its suppose to be?. Just like last year rinse and repeat.
  11. Winter pattern?. I think winter has become late spring this year.
  12. Winter Cancelled it's all over. 80's wasn't so bad at all. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1984/01/11/1984s-first-snowstorm-blasts-East-Coast/5813442645200/