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  1. The thing is this not the only December its been like this. Last December was like this too. Also the year before that one as well.
  2. Well with so much of it happening now maybe just maybe there won't be any more of it until April. But realistically, there will probably be another period later January. Then finally February-March it stays cold.
  3. Here's the rub though there usually is a lag time before we feels the effects of phase 7.
  4. I will gladly take that December 20th into at least January 19th. It also makes sense given we will be in a strong MJO phase 7 wave by then.
  5. I would think it will have a big impact. Especially knowing the AAM is going on the rise too.
  6. Looks like MJO is heading strongly into phase 7-8 if it can stay in those phases all winter. I would be happy.
  7. People keep mentioning how we are overdue for a ratter before but, we are really overdue for a wall to wall winter cold and snowy winter.
  8. What is going on?. Never seen such a difference in the EPS and GEFS ensembles models. It must have to do with the fact that the EPS has a tough time figuring out the EPO region. All credit goes to Bamwx on twitter. Just yesterday the GEFS was looking like this early yesterday. Then midday looked like this
  9. Dr. Judah Cohen is pulling the plug in Winter so that must mean the opposite will happen. My oh my what does this imply?. Possible Ural blocking make hit the PV hard?.
  10. Really need to get rid of that positive EPO. We can still work with a -PNA but please get rid of that positive EPO.
  11. It's been at the very end of the Euro Ensembles three runs in a row up hasn't moved up in time. It was mentioned that the GEPS has also supporting Euro Ensembles but the last run has been backing away from a full blown torch. The GEFS keeps getting colder in the long range.
  12. The skill level of the Weeklies have been terrible. Sure we have a La Nina but it's becoming more east based that should argue for a better Pacific more of a negative -EPO, +PNA.
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