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  1. Hmm, from Judah Cohen on Twitter. @judah47 39m39 minutes ago More Here is a head scratcher - both the GFS and ECMWF are predicting a AO-, NAO- and PNA+ in early December which is the straight flush of teleconnections if you want #cold in the Eastern US, yet it is not predicted to be cold?
  2. Oh cool, I find it strange the Euro at the end of the 10 day backs away from the cold. Knowing that their is blocking -NAO there.
  3. What does the Euro Ensembles say?
  4. I know it probably won't happen like that but it was just nice looking at it.
  5. This was posted by a person named C.A.P.E over in the Mid Atlantic forum. This is an awesome look.
  6. Sadly, we have to wait I know patience is hard.
  7. That coastal storm showing up on the Friday November 24th could be interesting. If we can get more cold air entrenched in it. Both the 6Z and 12z Gfs have it.
  8. Well things in the medium range are looking better. Any bad patterns look to be not establishing themselves when they seem to show up in the 11-15 day range.
  9. I have to admit this winter is shaping up a lot better than the last few winters have.
  10. Apparently, the Euro Weeklies don't look good for snowy weather and cold!. Coming from snowman19 hehe that is
  11. I agree that it does that a lot however, it wasn't long ago that the Euro/EPS agreed with the GFS/GEFS about blocking and still does apparently. The difference is that the Euro seems to be too progressive with the warmth invading the east. As well as to quick at breaking down the strong blocking pattern.
  12. Isn't the Euro Ensemble however known to try to break strong blocking down too soon?. From BAMWX More Important to note TRENDS in the EPS data. Its bias to lose the blocking in the 11-15 day period is glaring. Analogs support a sustained -AO/-NAO look. The implications would increases colder risks into Dec. #natgas http://Bamwx.com
  13. I just noticed that the EPS has gone towards colder in the 11-15. It may have something to do with the MJO.
  14. Nice post Ginx, I totally agree with you.
  15. Whatever relaxation their might be here is the 11-15 day from Bamwx.