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  1. Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

    Seems like the new normal back loaded winters.
  2. Days and days of snow disco

    An interesting system coming tomorrow night into Tuesday for my area. Lots of snow.
  3. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    Well it's hard to say how it will play out on the East coast US but I will Nova Scotia Canada and PEI will in for a good backloaded winter. With plenty of snowstorms in Feb and March.
  4. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    I really think this winter is going to be a back-loaded winter just it's been for last 3 winters.
  5. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    There wasn't much rain at all with it.
  6. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Seriously this was a joke of a storm here power was out maybe an hour at tops. That was it. This storm was way overblown with power crews coming back Quebec. They are probably wondering why are you wasting our time with this joke of a storm. Sure Eastern New England got slammed hard and so did Northern New Brunswick.
  7. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    A good thaw is good when you had 2-3 good decent snowstorms than you reload. In my area we haven't had one decent snowstorm yet. Not even a moderate size event.
  8. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    Week 4?. That period is usually very unreliable.
  9. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    We are getting heavy wet snow here
  10. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Environment Canada calling for 15-25 cm of snow here. 1
  11. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    That is not me that is Frankie MacDonald is a the Maritime's popular weather man. I got a question Southeastern Mass is expected by some Mets to get hit the hardest with the snow wouldn't that particular track gives Nova Scotia more snow?.
  12. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Any eastward trend?.
  13. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Very nice
  14. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    No I didn't that was an amateur's guess.
  15. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Hi Tip what would it take for it to be all snow for Nova Scotia more of a east track?. Just trying to learn. This system dynamics are very different and the rain/snow can be tricky.