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  1. As someone who works in the media, I actually appreciate a conservative approach, especially when storm threats around here are so conditional. Forecasters who don't jump the gun too early, but communicate uncertainty and discuss all possibilities are the usually the better meteorologists overall. Hype/worst case scenarios for EVERY thunderstorm threat is unnecessary and exhausting. It's a lot better to ramp up as the situation becomes clearer than to go in guns a blazin', only to walk it back with a bruised reputation. I also concede being too conservative can also be bad. It's a fine line
  2. Some damage reports, but all rather mild or what you might expect with low end severe. Nothing that seems to suggest nearly 80 mph wind. Just seems very localized. Not saying it's impossible, since it was obviously recorded, but it seems to be a huge outlier
  3. That report puzzles me. Viewer a mile north reported just some gusty wind. I live 15 MI NE of the airport and had maybe 40-50 mph gusts. No other reports even close to that. Weird
  4. Not sure that last sentence, with the following emojis, is very wise or even remotely funny considering the current political environment
  5. It looks like no tornado was confirmed after all. This is why I'm not a fan of "radar confirmed" language in warnings like the one last night. Also not a fan of "law enforcement confirmed," as we learned during the most recent tor warning in Van Wert, OH. Turned out no one saw it, they just THOUGHT they saw it.
  6. I grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula, just west of Seattle. All 18 years of my child/early adulthood! It rarely rains in the summer. We would get the occasional onshore flow bringing us clouds off the Pacific, and maybe a bit of drizzle, but there is sunshine galore from about May-October. Not only does Fort Wayne (where I live now) get more annual rain than Seattle, it is far cloudier. Fall in Indiana, however, has proven to be the most reliable and pleasant of seasons. Lots of sun, stunning color, and an occasional severe threat to keep things interesting.
  7. I personally don't understand the point of putting out a risk map more than three days out. This is, what, the third or fourth time something like this has happened? In any event, with a somewhat cool and dry pattern shaping up for much of the subforum, it may be a while before a more substantial threat emerges!
  8. Is this the same person that threatened to scream at every person in the state of Illinois because it didn't snow enough this past winter? Either way, I am impressed by the sheer dedication to hyperbole and drama in this thread!
  9. Easily one of the top 5 weenie meltdowns of all time. I mean, I love winter and snow, but DAMN
  10. Yup. Actually included flakes in my 7 day Sat night/Sun AM because the signal has been there for a while. Wouldn't be surprised to see flakes well inland at times!
  11. "Cold shots" "Cold & Mild Periods" I actually let out an audible chuckle!
  12. Hey, I'll take this versus an all-out North American blowtorch. We need that cold air to continue pooling up to our north so that when it matters, it can spill east.
  13. What once looked like a decently chilly start to October now looks like a continuation of late summer with highs back to near, or above, 80º across much of the Lower Lakes next week.