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  1. I don't know if I would say clobbered...certainly some severe events this way (mostly 1-2" hail, some gusty wind), and aside from the Feb 28/Mar 1 event, it's been relatively quiet here, too. You wouldn't know it if you tracked the warnings on paper, though. Although it's not unusual, we have had far more warnings than damage reports so far.
  2. Not terribly impressed with the set up on Monday. Instability and moisture greatly lacking across the region, especially east of South Bend, and shear looks MAYBE good enough for a marginal threat at best. Next...
  3. Looks like the longest stretch of 50º+ temps in Fort Wayne during the month of February is 9. It was achieved twice, once in 1930 and again in 1954. I think we could get close, although late next week/early next week looks sharply colder. The longest stretch of 60º+ wx at KFWA in Feb is 7. Not impossible, which is noteworthy in and of itself!
  4. This is fair. Aside from two weeks in December (which was still technically fall), winter has been a no-show. D+ might even be too forgiving! And then when you consider the fall and winter season combined, we're getting close to a D-. Autumn was pretty nonexistent as well
  5. And I should contribute more. Just a very blah pattern lately! BTW, very impressed models held on to the 60º temps that were advertised more than a week ago. And here we are, with highs approaching record status for FWA this weekend. Winter will return!
  6. Why, the end of the 12z ECMWF looks positively toasty, and quite wet, for much of Indiana and Ohio! Verbatim, upper 50s to mid 60s statewide. I mean, if we HAVE to endure a relentless torch in the middle of winter, it might as well feel like mid spring!
  7. Considering what was modeled a week ago, I am MORE than happy with a rainy scenario, since rain or ice were pretty much the only two scenarios here.
  8. Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining. Fort Wayne did see 6-7" of snow on Dec 11th, and it stuck around for a couple of weeks, but the event still transitioned into a little sleet/freezing drizzle before shutting off completely. That nail-biting, sloppy mix trend looks to continue for a little while longer, it seems. This next event included. Helps you're in NW Indiana, though. Odds are usually in your favor!
  9. Yeah, I'm waiting for our first big snow event where it starts and ends as snow, followed by at least a week of cold air to keep it in place. Shouldn't be too much to ask for in January!
  10. That was awesome. Completely agree!
  11. Meh...we'll see how spoiled we are once this system passes. I can do without the rain/ice, thank you very much!
  12. I'm not as sold on WWA playing as much of a factor as I was yesterday in the Fort. We may see a brief period of rain late Sun, but by then the heaviest precip is to our east. Huntington and points south continue to be the hardest areas to forecast for me, particularly where I think WWA will be a bigger concern. Calling for 2-4", higher end where you are
  13. Hmmm...interesting from IWX. Definitely looking likely, especially after this morning's model runs Isentropic lift to pick up tonight and especially toward daybreak Sunday. Isentropic signal should peak in the 12Z-18Z time frame with likely mass convergence/low-mid level fgen response to augment isentropic lift. Given recent trends in 12Z guidance and strength of signal in the 09Z-18Z timeframe, may need to transition a portion of the winter weather advisory to a winter storm warning for particularly northern third of the area, and possibly extend winter weather advisory a bit southward.
  14. 00Z ECMWF/UKMET pretty wet for Northern Indiana, particularly NE, into NW Ohio. The 00z Euro/GFS fairly snowy, too. However, much drier to the west. Not sure what to make of the NAM...
  15. And yet, immediately south of the low, temperatures remain quite marignal-34,35. Also, appears snowfall output still shows heavy snow just ahead of the rain