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  1. Snow still coming down at a decent rate here in Champaign, flake sizes are impressive as well. I would go and measure but I’m out with the flu and a 102 degree fever lol
  2. Yup. Woke up this morning to the sound of ice pellets hitting my window in Champaign.
  3. Definitely heaviest snow of the event right now.
  4. You’re right, I guess I meant compared to areas just North and West
  5. To me, it looks like Champaign-Urbana really missed out on a lot of the snow. Just really bad luck, I guess.
  6. There does seem to be some light lake enhancement going on in NE IL
  7. Storm has already exceeded my expectations here in far N IL
  8. Weird hole in the snow by Champaign and its been there for a while lol
  9. ORD is in a weird spot rn. I’m 10 miles north in Northbrook and the ground already has a dusting with snow falling at a decent rate.
  10. How much snow do yall have in Chambana so far?
  11. Snow radar returns are filling in nicely in Central IL
  12. Champaign is sitting close to the heavy band but it is not moving much. I wonder if the light snow returns showing up over Champaign are actually reaching the ground.