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  1. Every mookiemike post would start off with an OBS and 2 sentences later he'd be talking about some random non-weather thing he remember from living in NYC 25 years ago
  2. Everything looking pretty good, definitely gonna be colder than GFS
  3. Gradient should set up south of my backyard and north of yours, duh
  4. Yeah now someone start the Delorean and set it to 2 months ago
  5. Some pretty heavy rain and house-shaking thunder right now, though I'm sure down by the Turnpike it's even better
  6. The GEFS indies seem a lot more enthusiastic about the weekend threat than the OP GFS
  7. Amazing what a difference an airmass like this makes. Sunday morning's snow was essentially gone by noon in BOS, but this snow hasn't melted much since yesterday. Sun angle doing surprisingly little damage for early April.
  8. Shocking Terry Eliasen ‏@TerryWBZ 3m 3 minutes ago Latest WBZ Weather Watcher totals...Fitchburg leading the way!
  9. I think this storm will satiate those who missed out on the best stuff today (myself included)
  10. I have never seen flakes like this in my entire life. 100% whiteout here.
  11. Solid coating on everything now, though roads are just wet
  12. I'll give it a C-. It was a really frustrating winter but at least we made warning criteria 3 times and had some record-breaking cold. In the end it was just a standard below-average winter, certainly not nearly as bad what happened in E NY, W MA and VT.
  13. Radar must be lying, final snowfall totals in SNE have already been reached
  14. It will impact you only slightly more than it impacts him