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  1. You're in a great spot. I feel like this is 1'+ for you.
  2. Severe statements showing up now near Norfolk, good sign for dynamics later.
  3. I'm selling those higher QPF outputs on some of the models. I really don't see this being widespread double digits. I'm also not really sure how to feel for BOS, I could see Logan reporting anywhere from like 1.5" to 7-8".
  4. Anyone have free link to RPM or is it behind paywall?
  5. I'm still not sold for BOS yet, but definitely feeling better than this morning. I could still see this being meh for Logan while 5 miles inland it's pasty.
  6. Snow maps are going to be way off on this storm. That NAM map is not really what it shows.
  7. Yeah my bad, cleared my cache and now I'm looking at the right thing. I was wondering why 850 and 2m temps were so different. Quite a torch
  8. UKIE looks warmish at the surface but pretty cold at 850. That would really crush places from Ray up to PSH
  9. Yeah true, it's still a real good look and it's the GEM
  10. This is a tenuous setup and small variations aloft can make a huge difference, but that is an absurd shift at the surface on the NAMs.
  11. steve's up in ontario hacking into the rgem, now jimmy swam across the pond and has the europeans at gunpoint demanding more snow for hya. morch drives weenies off the deep end
  12. Euro is way down vs USD, means they have to give us crazy high snow ratios and we've finally bled them dry
  13. can't wait for steve's post-48hr maps when he gets back from his reconnaissance mission to enviro canada