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  1. Some of the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen right now
  2. Crazy that you had so little mixing. I'm not 5 miles away and had a solid 90 minutes of sleet.
  3. HRRR has been cooling slightly each run. 13z is basically all snow for anyone north of PHL
  4. Nice little surprise weenie band overhead this morning with some of the fattest flakes I've seen in a while.
  5. NAM is quite the wall of snow tomorrow morning. Drops a quick 2-4" during the AM rush.
  6. RAP really trying to hone in on eastern areas for some CJ snows through the afternoon tomorrow
  7. GFS looked a little wetter for most of SNE
  8. Jimmy I hope this is a region-wide 3-6 and you get 6.1
  9. Clearly the models that jack CHH will verify. We’ve been over this.
  10. New BOX map is more reasonable, though I'll take the over for NE MA
  11. Looks like about 4-5 inches in Fenway/Mission Hill area. That Logan report is a joke
  12. Pretty dramatic change at 500 on both GFS and CMC from prior runs
  13. Jimmy's busy dodging ice chunks flying at him off the bay
  14. Hard to blame anyone for being too bullish, it really looked like models were trending towards a robust CCB this morning. If this was 3/1 instead of 4/1 it would be a much different story I think.
  15. I'm guessing the final total at Logan is under an inch, barely anything sticking here
  16. I'd say we're about 90% snow now. It needs to ramp up if we're going to accumulate though