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  1. The s/w looks really good on the GFS. Further south and better organized this run
  2. I probably went a little to far, sorry Jimmy. I appreciate your eternal optimism.
  3. East of Nantucket what are you talking about Jimmy?
  4. What a great storm. Even the sucker holes got double digits and an awesome band. And almost 15 for BOS!!
  5. Yeah but gets its act together too late for SNE. It's not far off though
  6. Would like to see a model besides the Euro pick up on this for SNE. Though it's probably the only model that can be on its own and still be taken seriously
  7. the damn band just damn stalled right over my damn head
  8. It's a f*cking wall of snow. It couldn't snow any harder if it tried
  9. Ray will make up ground real quick
  10. literally cannot see across the damn street
  11. Flakes getting bigger here, we should start piling up soon
  12. We'll be fine in BOS. We get the goods noon-4PM
  13. It's gonna be so close with when that boundary pushes through versus when that heavy precip arrives. There are certainly very heavy rates to be had once you flip to snow
  14. The 4z HRRR definitely got snowier compared to the 3z for the area. Probably a good 5-10" PHL north
  15. Jimmy might have some p-type worries but other than that, everybody crushed
  16. Or maybe it carries Jimmy to a place where it won't be raining
  17. He's just using standard 20:1 climo ratios for CC
  18. GFS with a solid 2-4 refresher on Saturday as well