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  1. Heck of a winter they're having up there
  2. We need to have a collective board melt next October
  3. how much for cape cod ma say, i dont know, town of harwich cape cod ma
  4. GFS looks a little better with the vort but nowhere near the NAM
  5. RGEM looks like a whiff south of Newburyport
  6. holy sh!te at the nam. that was a remarkable shift at 500 mb
  7. This is definitely a not gonna happen James storm
  8. Still can't get over that awful BOX map. I don't know what they're thinking.
  9. I know this is a tough storm but wtf is up with BOX today? 8-12 for BOS makes no sense at all
  10. It's going to be a nightmare to get anywhere Monday. The AM commute will be an absolute trainwreck
  11. It's close but I think we'll be just cold enough
  12. What in the world is this? That's really irresponsible by them. 6-12 for Boston are you kidding me??
  13. I could see Logan staying mostly rain with a wet 1-2 at the end, while I get 2-3 and Jerry gets 3-6
  14. Either 2005 or his own fanfiction storm
  15. Two sub-970 lows in the GOM 4 days apart lawdy
  16. We've got time. We just need this thing to close off a little sooner and further south and we'll be in business
  17. If we could just get a little more of a cold tuck this would be awesome for E MA
  18. Even with 24 hr panels comparing with last night's run you can tell this will be good
  19. The GEFS got better. The UKIE looks fine to me but it's impossible to tell with 12 hr intervals