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  1. I feel like if we keep going with these mid level trends one of the models is bound to show a hit. They're all so close as is. Jerry's right, that H7 look is really nice for eastern areas on the NAM.
  2. Surprised we haven't seen any Dawn Awakening posts out of Cape Cod, MA recently
  3. Yeah that mid level look is pretty good
  4. Reminds me of VDay 2007 in SE PA. I was riding my bike and playing basketball on top of 8" of cement.
  5. Neither do I. Those pressure drop maps are always misleading. Maybe we can squeak out another band or two before we flip.
  6. We've probably only got another 60-90 minutes until we mix in BOS
  7. Looks like sleet line has made a big push in the last few frames up the South Shore
  8. Absoultely ripping. Winds are crazy, shaking my apartment
  9. We need to resist the tidal wave of pingers coming up north. I'm gonna build a wall, and Connecticut is gonna pay for it.
  10. They consistently get burned for being too bullish on snow. In last night's disco they cited the GEFS as a reason to keep everyone all snow. Sometimes, it's hard to buy what OKX wants to sell you.
  11. Feels like this storm is going to suck here. Good luck to inland folks
  12. I'm feeling decent about BOS. 12" is probably about the high end of what we could see but I feel decent about the odds of that happening.
  13. Yeah I was just about to post, that is significantly colder than most other models, though it's probably out of skilled range