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  1. At this point, it would not surprise me if Worcester breaks it's record
  2. There is no way BOS is under 20" now. May be closing in on 25".
  3. Absolutely insane out. It's basically a torrential downpour of snow.
  4. Looks like possibly the heaviest band of the whole event for Boston is upon us
  5. I may have to go outside for this one... two death bands converging on the metro will be EPIC
  6. Was about too but I absolutely cannot miss this. This could be an all-time band.
  7. Some yellows in that band too. This is just going to crush us.
  8. It's beginning to slow down. It may pivot right on top of you.
  9. Yeah just took another peek out of my dorm and I cannot see across the street. If this is our lull, oh boy
  10. Thoughts on upstream radar for BOS? Almost looks like dry slot is trying to work in.
  11. The heaviest bands in Boston were absurd, and they were only dark greens. I cannot fathom the intensity if you get under a yellow or orange band for a little while.
  12. That is a pretty sweet looking band for W CT. Hopefully this thing keeps pushing bands west across the region. Looks like Boston is gonna be demolished for the next several hours.
  13. Complete whiteout in downtown Boston. Absolutely dumping
  14. Almost nothing about that run was remotely correct. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
  15. The new GFS may in fact be worse than the NAM. At least the old GFS was occasionally correct and had known tendencies and biases. The upgrade has rendered it completely useless.
  16. Can't go wrong there. That looks like a safe bet for 24"+, but you may have a shot at seeing 3' if you head down toward Foxborough/Brockton area.
  17. Honestly its not worth debating jackpots. Nobody knows where it's gonna be and pretty much this whole forum is a lock for 18".