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  1. Those BOX maps are absolutely ludicrous. I do not envy SNE mets in this storm
  2. Canadian QPF. Almost everyone looks to be at or above 2" QPF
  3. Good luck everybody, here's to feet and feet of snow on Capitol Hill!
  4. Where in Philly are you staying?
  5. Looking at UKMET meteograms for PHL, it's about 2" QPF, maybe a little more, looks to be all snow. Excellent run for the area.
  6. Euro boutta lead a surgical 2 minute drill comeback. I feel the vibes.
  7. I would watch like 8 consecutive runs of SportsCenter then flip back every 10 minutes for Local on the 8's lol There was always something exhilarating about discovering a WSW banner rolling across the screen
  8. I wish I had a bigass magnet, and that magnets worked on 500 mb lows
  9. Do you have a link? Can't seem to find it on NCEP site
  10. I am not nearly as worried as you are about a dryslot. If Philly does flip to rain, it would be only briefly, and the flip back to snow would likely have the best storm dynamics.
  11. You really can't get much better than the 18z GFS for those N&W of the city. WELL over 2 feet on that run, some spots probably approaching 40" near RDG
  12. I am in awe at the 12z GFS. Somebody on this board will get well over 30" from that run
  13. Just keeps on snowing. Roads that have been plowed are covered again.
  14. 18z GFS is a solid 10-16" for the entire region, a really nice hit
  15. I actually live in Philly, I go to school in Boston, so I get just as pumped when Philly's getting a storm as when I do up here haha
  16. I have to say, the support the Euro has from its ensembles is almost unprecedented at this range
  17. The Euro wants to give PHL its average annual snowfall in one storm
  18. 3rd consecutive run that the GFS shows a huge storm for the area next weekend
  19. The 18z GFS wants to break records for N&W suburbs next weekend.
  20. It was really weird last winter though, I thought the RGEM did better than the hi-res version. I think it might be an instance of a model having too high a resolution for its own good, like the NAM.