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  1. You know things are whacky when the GEFS mean is 300 miles east of the OP, less than 6 days out
  2. GEFS look pretty cold and active after the storm as well
  3. It's at least east of the OP but the mean still tracks over PWM
  4. That is so warm. Low is east of the Delmarva and it's already raining into Bangor
  5. Basically a 48 hour storm next week on the GFS. No complaints here.
  6. Lastest PNS: BOS 6.4", ORH 5.5", BDL 3.5", PVD 6.2" Big winner is MVY with 9.8"
  7. BOS up to 83% of YTD climo. Slowly making our comeback.
  8. Really ramped back up here, less than 1 mile visibility
  9. BOS about to get rocked, best returns just north of the city
  10. Really impressive how much the radar has gotten its act together
  11. Still in a sucker hole but starting to pick up a little bit
  12. Pretty big flakes in this band, should pile up pretty quickly
  13. NAM doesn't look that much different for eastern areas