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  1. gump

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Snowing in Toms River
  2. Thunder snow, with lightning!
  3. Heavy sleet and good thunder down here in Toms River
  4. gump

    March 3-5 Event

    Just in time to rain on the St. Patrick's Day parade in Seaside
  5. gump

    March 3-5 Event

    Absolutely. It's comforting, albeit rare, to be sitting in such a good position at this point in the game. Much rather be on the northern side of the max forecasted snow then on the southern side (typical) wondering how much is going to be lost to sleet and rain.
  6. gump

    March 2- 4 Snowstorm Potential

    Could the late Feb sun angle be effecting the euro pbp?
  7. Started about 10 - 15 minutes ago here in Toms River.
  8. gump

    February 3rd Snowstorm Obs

    33 and rain. Not a flake yet. Trend was not my friend this time around.
  9. Cant keep up with the shoveling here in Toms River. I hope those picture links work