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  1. Wttnwx

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    I was at Cooke City MT 2 weeks ago. The snotel site at Fischer Creek was at 142". The actually town is about 5 miles from the Snotel. They were struggling to find places to put the snow in town. Its in a small and steep canyon.
  2. Wttnwx

    2017-18 LES Season

    I snowmobiled last week in the UP. We stayed in Ontonagon. When we arrived it was a whiteout. 12 miles before there was barely any flakes in Rockland. IMO, though I didnt measure with a stick, Ontonagon had more snow than anywhere we went. We rode up through Toivola up to east of Hancock. We didnt go north of there though. Rode 1 day over to White Pine, it was sunny in White Pine. Went 5 miles or so north to Silver City and was snowing good. Right on the Lake shore. Usually Silver City and Ontonagon being right on the shore are pretty thin in snow, but not this time. Was pretty cool.
  3. 1" hail reported near Madison.
  4. Wttnwx

    Mountain West- Winter

    Perfect! We are leaving around midnight tonight. Should be there around 6-7pm your time Wednesday.
  5. Wttnwx

    Mountain West- Winter

    Yep, thanks. If it snows as much as I hope, we won't be on anything real steep anyway. lol. We aren't big risk takers in higher risk avy terrain. Sounds like there should be plenty of snow in the trees.
  6. Wttnwx

    Mountain West- Winter

    Beautiful! Thanks much!
  7. Wttnwx

    Mountain West- Winter

    Whats it looking like for the Snowy Range west of Laramie this coming week? I have a snowmobile trip arriving Thursday. We will be over 10K ft pretty much the whole trip. BTW Im not educated in the weather much, I just come on here to watch for potential snow storms in the midwest usually. Thanks much!
  8. Reports of Thundersnow in Madison. Here, 25 miles east of Madison I am getting a very very light flurry/drizzle mix. Heavy snow in Beaver Dam. I am 20 miles south of Beaver Dam. Haha, crap!
  9. Wttnwx

    Winter 2015-16 Medium-Long Range Discussion

    Milwaukee is actually above normal. 16.5" current through today, 12.4" normal through today. The storm in Nov, and yesterday accounted for all but .4 of it. Lol
  10. Wttnwx

    December 25-29th Storm Disco Part 2

    Gas station canopy fell over in Delavan WI. Ice pellets here for last hour. ~4" of snow down.
  11. Wttnwx

    December 25-29th Storm Disco

    I've had nothing but snow from the start. 2 miles south of Watertown. ~1" so far.
  12. Wttnwx

    Superbowl Snowstorm Thread Part 3

    Snow flurries just started in Watertown WI
  13. Wttnwx

    January 31-February 2nd Winter Storm Part 2

    Snow flakes just starting Watertown WI
  14. Wttnwx

    2014-2015 Winter Sports thread

    Does anybody follow the snows in the Rockies at all? I've checked over in the western sub forum but not much is said over there. I don't have a lot of weather knowledge, but come here to see what's coming down the line for snows. I snowmobile in WI, in the UP once in awhile, and in the Rockies as much as possible.