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  1. It was cool to see some great rates/big flakes for a few but damn that went too fast and now left with slop. Now I know how wife feels
  2. Just hoping to cover all the mud left behind from all the rain and I’m good. Can’t imagine if I had hours of this stuff
  3. Wish y’all luck on this one! Even if things fail the discussion has been so much better than last year. Cheers to many more
  4. I’m expecting to fail and if so least I have some wings, drinks, and Super Bowl to appreciate it. If I do score, then I’ll just drink even more. It’s a win win situation
  5. Sounds like start time is same as last week for me so just hoping for a repeat over here. Just give me enough to take the kids sledding and I’m good
  6. I’m prepared to the smell the sleet to get the goods
  7. Never get to hear about @psuhoffmanobs. How ya doing up there?
  8. Over-performed with snow underperformed with rain. Big win in my book
  9. I did. He’s on his way to RVA to avoid being fringed
  10. Looks like great day for shift south to continue.
  11. @psuhoffmanim going to feel guilty stealing all your snow man after all the work you put in. Let me know if you want to come to @osfan24favorite part of the forum.
  12. Damn shame. But I bet he’s high as gas right now looking at these models
  13. Will @Bob Chilllog on for this one?
  14. Looks like Richmond bullseye tomorrow.
  15. Bet you made her week a lot better. Did you happen to use pink color for RVA?
  16. May need to relinquish your name rights for this one...
  17. Smart man. It’s like cleaning as you cook. Much easier than waiting until the end...
  18. This one def is about to jackpot RVA and folks going to flip out. Just hoping we don’t take all the snow and leave some crumbs for our late night crew.
  19. Yeh and I think with all of our big ones we expect the rain/sleet mix. We just need to maximize the initial thump
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